senior photo shoots

It's kind of a big deal here for senior high school students to order matching "senior jerseys" to wear to school events all through twelfth grade.  A couple of years ago Saucy did some photo shoots with small groups of girls wearing their jerseys at the start of the school year, when anticipation for the excitement ahead was at an all-time high.

She got some great results and the premise was simple: gather a small group (no more than five or six grads per session) and meet on a sunny evening right at the school. Saucy brought props and posed the students in groups and individually to capture the moment before senior year began. 

This year, she's decided to do it again.  It was that much fun.

In and around the school makes sense - it's their world. It doesn't have to be a glamorous location. It needs to tell their story. This is where their memories are made.

Plenty of time to take nice individual shots of each senior - they want Facebook profile pictures, you know.

Special friends can pose together 

Detail shots can't be overlooked

This was a bigger group, but Saucy had a second shooter!
If you have a bigger group, contact Saucy. She can bring in a second shooter (one of the former Cheerios is an accomplished photographer now) and we can probably work something out to accommodate you.

Any school within city limits as well as Martensville, Warman, Dalmeny and Clavet can take part in this offer.

Here's the deal: a one-hour session with up to five grads will cost $100.00. That breaks down to the reasonable price of twenty dollars per graduate and gives everyone ample time in front of the camera in the large group, small combos and individual shots. Fully edited images of the entire shoot will be saved to a USB (that you provide - so if each grad wants their own, just bring them to the shoot). No wardrobe changes, just senior jerseys or casual wear (whatever the group agrees on). You can bring your own props and Saucy will bring some as well. Shoots can be scheduled starting August 24 and continue to the end of September. All shoots will take place during evening hours. There will be a small mileage charge for out-of-town schools.

If you or your senior student is interested, contact Saucy at the email below or on Facebook, if you're Facebook friends. 

sasha {dot} libby {at} shaw {dot} ca

an amazing group of grads

Back in June, about a week before graduation, Saucy had a cupcake sale. After putting the deets on Facebook, she was happy to see former Cheerios waiting for her at the venue when she arrived with the goods. The girls - who were probably just there for some cupcakes and a little visit - pitched in and helped Saucy set up. Then, they proceeded to stay for almost the entire event, helping box cupcakes for eager customers. They visited and chatted away about upcoming grad plans and all sorts of things and Saucy realized how much she missed them. 

So, it was decided before the last of the cupcakes were gone (Saucy sent some home with the girls to get them through their scary movie marathon that night) that a graduation photo shoot was in order. Saucy was beholden to the girls not only for coming out to visit, but to stay and help? Those are some good girls right there. 

Saucy was looking forward to capturing these grad cuties in their prom dresses.  She knew they'd be fun to work with and they'd try lots of fun things. Like standing in the middle of the street downtown and then sitting in an alley, in front of giant disposal units. It kind of works, though.

This is Hard-Sell and Porcelain. Hard-Sell got her nickname at her first cupcake sale. She was a little on the shy side and wasn't really a cupcake pusher. We teased her and called her "Hard-Sell" that night. By the cupcake sale this June, she really was a Hard-Sell, and Saucy was grateful for it. They really do grow up, you know?  Porcelain... she also answered to "Lady" as she was the team's true and absolute lady, through and through. Unflappable. She was the Jacklyn Kennedy Onassis of cheerleading. As a matter of fact, Saucy should talk her into posing as the famous FLOTUS sometime, don't you think?

Here she is with K-Pain (say it kinda like 2 Chainz) - the class valedictorian. K-Pain tried out for The Cheerios but decided it wasn't for her, she does a lot of other sports. To say Saucy was disappointed is an understatement. She really, really wanted her on the team.  It was Snookie who put the bug in Saucy's ear and said "she's awesome and she makes me happy when we are at dance class together" so this was a ringing endorsement. Snookie doesn't like most people, but she adores K-Pain.

A trip to Claire's after grad season was over netted Saucy some super-cute props for the shoot. They even matched the gowns perfectly.

Mortar boards on headbands, mini mortar boards, pink mortar boards. Super cute!

Do you see what I mean here?  This girl was a born Cheerio if there ever was one and would have fit in with the crew perfectly. 

Sadly, Legs never came out for cheerleading either.  She was probably busy with all sorts of other awesome things in high school but if Saucy could go back in her Doritos-powered time machine, she would hunt this girl down and talk her into it.  Active recruitment, that's the way to do it. Tall girls with a ton of confidence make excellent cheerleaders. They're the back spots that are the mini-captains of every stunt group. Legs probably had mad, untapped skills for that job.

There isn't much of a better subject for Saucy to photograph than young girls becoming confident young women. It's kind of her passion. She loved doing this shoot so much, tomorrow she will be announcing a special package for girls entering senior year - a chance to get senior photos taken in small groups and individually at a very reasonable price. Check in here if you know any new high school seniors in the Saskatoon area who might like to do something like this! Shoots will be held during the last week of August and the first week of September.

And for these beauties? They're off to China in a week or so to tour Asia. What an adventure awaits. 

blueberry french toast

One of the best summer treats, hands-down, is French toast with blueberry compote. Blueberries are plentiful right now (at Costco but Saucy has it on reliable sources they can be found IN WILDERNESS) and it is the easiest way to "jack up" your weekend brunch.

1 cup fresh blueberries, plus more for garnish
1/3 cup sugar
juice of half lemon
1/2 teaspoon cornstarch whisked into 2 tablespoons water
1/2 teaspoon butter

Wash and mash the cup of blueberries. You don't have to worry about drying them off, a little bit of water in the pan is fine. Place them in a small saucepan with the sugar and the lemon juice and cook over medium heat until the mixture bubbles around the edges. You have to bring the compote to a boil in order to cook the cornstarch and thicken the sauce.

Remove from heat and stir in the butter. Let cool before serving warm over warm French toast with added blueberries on top.  

You could take this one step further and gather the berries yourself from the wilderness but frankly, there are no bears in the cooler at Costco. Enjoy!

new charm bracelets are ready!

Finally!  Just to prove that she's not simply been lounging around all summer, playing Kim Kardashian's Hollywood Game (another story altogether) Saucy has begun restocking the Etsy shop with the super-popular vintage charm bracelets!

It takes such a long time to gather the goodies to make an entire bracelet. The last time Saucy listed a bunch of them was 2010 and since then she's been like a little squirrel at flea markets, tag sales and vintage stores and on eBay. Eventually, they start to come together.  Here are just a few!

Sew Adorable

This bracelet includes a pair of earrings - Saucy didn't make them but they were on a card that she found with the little scissor charms so she's throwing them in. She's never wasteful.

Lemon Blossoms

Don't be a Jurk!

Just the thought of a soda named "Jurk" is funny, don't you think? Don't you also think The Little Green Sprout and Spongebob Squarepants are funny?


Old Colony - SOLD

One Thing - SOLD

Kiss Me - SOLD

Don't fret if you missed out on these One Direction bracelets, they sold within minutes of posting. There are a few similar ones on the way. Not exactly the same, because no two charm bracelets are the same.

Tooth Fairy

This is a once-in-a-lifetime assemblage.  Aren't the colours fabulous? It's a Tooth Fairy theme!  It's covered with little fairies, dental supplies and even a tiny silver tooth. Saucy will never, ever find the goodies to make a bracelet like this again. Get it while it's hot.

Strawberry Soda - SOLD

Friends Forever

Cherry Cherry!

Frisky Kitty

Glamour Ghoul

Orange You Mysterious?  SOLD

Bitter Orange

Sweet Tooth

Saucy decided to get busy and list the Halloween charm bracelets early this year, they were so popular last time. She wants to get them shipped out so everyone can enjoy them during October. 

It's a terrible thing to think about in July... but Christmas bracelets are in the works, lots of them!  A second batch of bracelets should be arriving in the next week or two.  It's very hard to say goodbye to these creations.  They're in the works for so very long.  Saucy is glad they're going to good homes.