we're into it for spring... or maybe it's just late winter

Most days, it feels like spring may never arrive. It snowed here this morning. In the meantime, we're making the best of things by planning a few getaways for April and May and finding a few things that make us happy... we hope they make you happy too. 

The first thing Saucy would like to tell you is that she's feeling oily (in a good way) these days. The dry forced air of winter along with the bitter cold made her seek out the healing properties of oil. 

Saucy started taking krill oil supplements twice a day. She thinks this brand doesn't smell to fishy or give her the burps. 

Dry skin from head to toe sent Saucy chasing down her favourite brand of body lotion and she found they make a body oil now. The smell is heavenly and it really sinks in... apply after bath from neck to toes daily.

You may remember that Loopy has a job at Sephora now. This means she gets brand samples and lots of product eduction. She turned Saucy onto using facial oil this winter. After sampling three brands, Saucy chose this one:

She found it to be the most hydrating with leaving the least amount of residue on her skin. Apply to cleansed skin at bedtime, it doesn't even come off on the pillowcase! Plus, it smells so yummy. Things have to smell yummy.

This is Loopy's facial oil of choice. She's younger and needs a different kind of hydration. Saucy thinks that was a nice way of saying she doesn't need anti-aging products. Not yet.

Saucy's stylist sent her home with this hair oil. It's more than just Argan oil, it has tamanu oil in it making it lighter and less likely to weigh hair down. After using three pumps before every blow dry (and also changing the temperature setting on the dryer to low) Saucy has noticed a marked change in the texture of her hair. For the first winter in years, it wasn't breaking off in little pieces. She's trying to grow it really long, just one more time.

Saucy has been trying to Smash book and journal these days instead of traditional scrapbooking. It seems a little quicker and easier. Each book comes with a pen/glue stick attached so it can pretty much tag along wherever you go and is ready for documenting life's little moments.

In a much more boring effort to document things, this Neat Connect scanner is keeping all of Saucy's receipts sorted into the cloud. 

Once... or twice a day... Saucy can be found snacking on these fibre cookies with dark chocolate and cherry. They are divine. The blueberry ones are also delicious. 

Like the Jonas Brothers and One Direction before them, Loopy's current obsession is 5 Seconds of Summer. Unfortunately for Saucy, like the Jo Bros and 1D they have an infectious sound and play constantly in the car and the kitchen. They are not divine, but they're not bad.

We are wearing Victoria's Secret bralettes over our underwear. In tons of colours, they're great for layering and a nice alternative to cotton camis and tanks. They're also super comfy for sleeping in.

And if you couldn't tell from the last post... the Pantone Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid is happening a lot around here. On cupcakes, in bathrooms, on our nails and lips, scarves and shoes. It might be an entire post on its own.

Reader, Saucy does not get paid for nor does she accept freebies for these posts. She just really, really likes some things she tries and thinks you might, too. If we were having coffee, you'd tell her what you like so she could try. Why don't you let her know? Leave a comment below.


CB said...

I love it when you do your favorite things post. I am a hesitant shopper so I appreciate getting your recommendations. I am also in LOVE with Smash Books...so much easier than the traditional scrapbooking (that I don't take the time for). Thanks for your great posts! Now I am looking forward to seeing your remodeling pics....

Clandestine Road said...

I love this blog. These posts are my favorite, second only to award show posts.

I am highly behind on all things, but I love neutrogena's bb cream, See by Chloe, Maybelline's baby soft lips, and TJ coffee a cocoa. It is delicious and guilt free.


Ellie said...

I will have to try the Hemptz body oil since I already love their lotion. My recent discovery of Egyptian Magic cream has helped my parched hands, feet and elbows so much this winter. It also cured my grandson's teething rash on his chin when absolutely nothing else would touch it. I buy it at Dad's Organic Market here, but they sell it at Costco in the USA!