celebrating the colour of the year

Around here, it's all been about the 2014 PANTONE Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid. It's really a delicious colour. It's even more delicious when it's made of batter, buttercream, and coordinating sanding sugar. Who knew Saucy would have this perfect shade on hand? 

Let's just take a moment to admire the almost-exact match of sprinkles to paint chip, shall we?

Strawberry-almond cupcakes get a boost of colour when they get tinted to match a swatch like this. Saucy picked up about fourteen bottles of AmeriColor Softgel food colouring at her favourite baking supply store in January. This perfect PANTONE shade was achieved by mixing drops of fuchsia, electric pink, electric purple and deep pink (a wee bit at a time) until it looked just right. Gel food colouring is very potent stuff, and you can't take it out... so proceed with caution. Better to add in very tiny increments and build up your shade than be left with a hideous mess.

Okay, there were a few times in the process where it looked hideous but it turned out perfectly. Keep in mind that professional dyes deepen as the food sits (sometimes up to 25%) so they really were just right in the end.

These were packaged up and shipped off to Sephora with Loopy for a staff meeting, where they were being trained about the new Pantone Universe Sephora Collection. We already have quite a bit of it around here... lips, cheeks and eyelids have a distinct purplish hue every day. It's a happy, happy colour. Perfect for spring.

Because it's such a happy shade, there were also some RACs (random act of cupcakes) at the doors of friends that same night. Who wouldn't want to open their front door to find this?

There's more purple on the horizon. Saucy has a fairly entertaining story for you about the bathroom renovation that was completed here last week. 

Poor Veto.  He needs a purple cupcake.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's a great color! Stunning!

Jerri-Lea said...

Thanks again for the delish cupcakes!! We adore you!!

Dawn said...

Wow! You did an amazing job matching that beautiful color swatch.

Anonymous said...

It IS a great color, is it not?? Love it!! Can't wait to hear about the bathroom reno - would love to see it! Dena

Anonymous said...

Hi…just wondering where you got your plastic cupcake holders from. My mom is making cupcakes for my brothers wedding in June and we need something like that to transport them

Saucy said...

If you are looking for the best way to transport a large amount of cupcakes, go to the grocery store and ask the produce guy for some empty stackable cardboard trays... the ones they use to transport the small packages of berries and cherry tomatoes in. They're perfectly clean when the berry clamshells are sold out of them but they get tossed in the recycling. They will gladly give them to you to save space in the bin! The best part is they hold about 50 cupcakes each and they interlock perfectly and the cakes don't get wrecked! You just need to tie a large plastic bag over the trays to keep them from drying out.

You can buy the clear plastic clamshells online from a baking supply company and have them shipped to you but you have to make a very large minimum order and it works out to about 50 cents each. Plus, if you package enough cupcakes for a wedding into those you'd still need something to carry the plastic boxes in, they slide all around!

Good luck!