it's beginning to look a lot like cocktails

Welcome to Saucy and Veto's holiday home. Veto isn't much into the decorating or the holidays, but he's hardly a Scrooge. Saucy thinks he secretly enjoys her over-decorating. That, or she's primed him with enough cocktails that he hasn't noticed that the bathrooms have been decorated, there's gift wrapping stuff all over the dining room table, and she still hasn't found the stockings. Details.

Come on in, bring your shoes inside from the porch... it's too cold out and they'll be chilly when it's time to leave. Inside, there are traces of many traditions.

The renovations are pretty much complete (as the tap tap tap of the tile layer above while Saucy types indicates otherwise). After the holidays, the custom ladder for the bookshelves in the library will be installed. Finally. It's only been seven long years and The Secret Weapon has been waiting patiently to get his favourite book from the top shelf.

Yes, that's Love, Actually on the telly. Saucy has seen it a few times now and still finds it confusing. There are too many loose ends.

Saucy has discovered the joy of battery operated LED lights on wire. They're stuffed into wreaths, floral displays, and jars. Beyond that door is the very messy dining room table, don't go in there.

Saucy will divert your attention with a drink from the bar cart! If you want something non-alcoholic and festive, a Tynant water with a candy cane in it will do the trick. If you fancy something with a little kick, Saucy has you covered. 

Those little LED lights are the best! These ones were already marked down by 70% at Sears. Here, you can't see the framed vintage Christmas cards. Some are also stacked neatly in a vintage silver toast rack.

Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Diptyque candles, mini bottles of French champagne and St. Germain... these are a few of Saucy's favourite things.

The tree is all decked out with little red cardinals, twigs, berries, nests and bird houses.

The gifts are wrapped to match... it's a silly detail but Saucy always does it. This year she found the cardinal and wood grain papers at Target. It's all used up already, so the last of the gifts will get brown paper with baker's twine. 

Last year's post-holiday shopping score at Pottery Barn... German glitter ornaments for a nickel each after discount. This year, the tree is plastered with a whole two dollars worth.

You spy with your little eye Saucy, in her Superstore pyjamas, taking this photo.

What you can't see is that they have donuts on them.

The top of the television cabinet. Under the cloche is a real bird's nest, found on the ground in the yard a few years back. Saucy carefully saved it but it was never inhabited by real birds ever again. Just the dollar store variety frequent it these days.

Seriously, there's lot's left to do. On the immediate list, clean up the damn table in the dining room. Frost the sugar cookies today and make enough buttercream to decorate 400 cupcakes tomorrow. Tonight is Velcro's Christmas dance recital, and Saucy wouldn't mind taking pictures of the outdoor decorations and inside the porch while it's sunny out.

Oh, and if anyone has a thought as to where the stockings might be... she needs to hang them by the chimney carelessly.


Anonymous said...

My inspiration to get wrapping!! Thanks :)

matgrif said...

Stunning! I adore your blog, I visit almost daily yet rarely comment. Thank you for the work that you put into it. :-D

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

GORGEOUS home. I love the detail work you do.

Jodie WB said...

The library looks beautiful. I can picture you and Loopy curling up by the fire, sipping hot chocolate and catching up on the day. What a wonderful space.

Anonymous said...

You have donut pyjamas? Where did you get them??

Janeen said...

Awe Saucy... You may only post a few times a month these days, but you never disappoint. I was looking for a recipe and Voila ~ its still here! Lurve and Thank you! Belated Happy holidays and blessings to a healthy, happy and 'in the moment' New Year for 2014!! ~ Chachaneen