dining room

This year Saucy decided to decorate all of the rooms in the house with sort of the same theme: berries, sticks, branches and red cardinals. She dug deep into the sorted containers and dug out what she needed for this snow-flocked tree in the corner of the dining room.

Saucy lurrves a nicely flocked tree, even though it drops its flakes like a hot mess of dandruff when it is set up and taken down. After a few more uses, these branches might be bald.

She's doing quite a bit better this year... the house is well decorated and it isn't the very last minute. Coaching the Cheerios and making cupcakes for them to sell for the last couple of years ensured tree setup at the last possible minute. This feeling of having things done and ready... Saucy could get used to it.

After the holidays are over and the ornaments are back in storage, Saucy is flirting with the notion of papering that green wall above the wainscotting with grasscloth wallcovering. Your thoughts?


KL Crab said...

I used grasscloth one time to help update a bathroom with Green tile in an effort to provide some texture and color change with resorting to a chisel. It may depend on what you ca n find, but I like the effect quite a lot. Yuur decor looks lovely, i am not generally a fan of flocked trees- but that is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh the grasscloth would be nice - but then, I like the green too so if you don't get it done you are still a decorating winner :) Merry Christmas!!!

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