Saucy has so much to report, and yet so little.  She's chairing the committee for the annual Snowfall Ball at Loopy's school.  She's been working with some awesome other moms getting things ready for a frosty, magical evening in December.  As soon as one thing is organized, the next thing needs to get done.  Today she finally finished the ticket and poster artwork to rush to the printer this afternoon.

Basically... if you have any cute party ideas that would be suitable for a winter-wonderland-frosty-indoor-carnival theme, please share them.  It's going to be sort of fun and funky with a vintage, mismatched vibe.  Think mason jars filled with artificial snow and candles, tons of twinkle lights, and a bout a zillion (okay, 200) of these:

The army of moms used coffee and tea to stain thousands of coffee filters... last week they were bundled and stacked with doilies, recycled tissue and tulle.  It was a giant work bee around Saucy's dining room table.  It felt like a zillion, people.  They're going to look fabulous swinging around the mirror ball.

Also, Loopy and The Cheerios are back in full swing.  Saucy really tried to reorganize things so there would be only one group of cheerleaders at the school this year... but there were so many keen little faces at tryouts, it wasn't meant to be.  There was a spot for pretty much everyone, the girls (and boys this year) were divided into levels, and Saucy relinquished control of her group to two very capable, skilled, athletic coaches.  It was incredibly freeing to step back and watch the girls learn to work with other people and now just be in charge of supervising, fundraising and making bows.  Saucy only has to control front-of-mat coaching about once a week... but she still has to be at every practice.

The Cheerios still have cupcake sales, The Fan turned seventy, Saucy turned out the most yummy but unsightly decorated cake in the history of ever, and the holidays are soon arriving. Gah.

Oh, and the camera is fixed.  Kind of.  Sorta.  Good enough.  At this point, it's sort of like driving a 2001 Corolla.  It still works, it's fine, but you can tell its getting old.