who said there's no crying in baseball?

Last night, Saucy's Tigers lost the World Series in a sweep by the San Francisco Giants. Y'all know, Saucy lurrves her baseball and she lurrves the Red Sox, but the Tigers have a special place in her heart for sentimental reasons.  She really wanted this to happen.

Some things went right.

But at the World Series, the team lost their mojo.  It went.  The big bats didn't come out.  Even the fielding was hit and miss.

And even if the timber needs some time to get warmed up, we needed a bullpen to back it all up.

Even Justin Verlander, the Ryan Gosling of baseball, dropped the ball.  Hell, he dropped his basket.  They got in his head.  He's still the best pitcher in baseball, and he's still a Tiger.

And then tonight, it was all over.  It was like nobody showed up to play.  Their hearts weren't in it anymore.

Shake it off, Saucy.  Spring training starts in 106 days.  Thanks, boys.  It was a grrrrreat season.

Saucy's going to go have a little cry and maybe a solitary glass of wine.  Goodnight.

"I never took the game home with me.  I always left it in some bar." - Bob Lemon

no camera, no blog

Saucy took her trusty Canon TSi to be serviced before she and Veto went on their cruise and it's not back yet. In fact, it may never come home again.  She knew it had a ton of miles on it, but she wasn't prepared to say goodbye just yet.  There is a very small chance that the procedure scheduled for next week will pull it through.  

She's been wildly productive over the past couple of weeks but she only has iPhone photos now to document her projects, and she hasn't even bothered to take too many pictures even at that.  It's as though, in the past six years of blogging, Saucy has painstakingly photographed each and every project she worked on and now without a proper camera, she's finding the prospect of baking and crafting without snapping wildly freeing... and extremely terrifying.

Plus, she's had to turn away a few paying gigs, and that's not cool.

She did a fair job on the autumn decor a while back but now it has all been snowed upon, so she's in a bad mood about that, too.

Saucy is working with about ten fabulous senior class mothers to put together this event in December for the graduates:

The annual Snowfall Ball... it's six weeks from tonight.  There's so much to do.  So far, everyone is highly motivated, powered by wine, and having fun making plans.  The theme of the night will be a "Winter Wonderland" but it's kind of turning out to be a "Vintage Winter Wonderland" and that's okay, too.

Saucy has been working on posters, tickets, planning a sweet table, and surfing Pinterest for unique ideas for decorating.  If you've seen anything worthy of the social event of the season, please let Saucy know.  Especially if she can make it with empty egg cartons or old mason jars.  You get the gist. 

How many coffee filter pom pons do you think the Red Wine Army can assemble before the event?  Saucy whipped up some prototypes.  It's pretty important to the group that costs stay down, style high and waste to a minimum.  These bad boys can be recycled, if they don't get carried home and hung up for Christmas.

Without her camera and any blogging to do, Saucy can spend time surfing the Internet.  She never really does that but she's been wildly amused by looking at Halloween costumes for babies.

Like, seriously. Oh. My God.  Pictures like these must be the reason why so many people spend hours a day perusing Pinterest.

Saucy has also been working on her own Halloween costume.  Today she found the perfect footwear:

If that's not enough of a hint for you...

Because "a dollar makes Saucy holler" and she is planning to be the most beautimous girl at the partay. She gonna slap some paint on the barn and call it done up!

Saucy's watched the American Presidential debates...

But mostly she's been obsessed with watching the Tigers in postseason play.

So clearly, you can guess from the sports pages that her mood the last couple of days has been considerably lowered.

She's tried to elevate her mood by contemplating Jessica Biel-Timberlake's pink wedding gown.  If she ever gets another camera, you can be sure she'll attempt something like this with the wedding dress refashion challenge.  Pink.  She likes it.  What did you think?

She's done the fall cleaning (The Fan had to help out, to be honest), she made homemade ice cream and sugar cookies (again, sorry - no camera).  She's had a couple of naps, helped Loopy with an essay and about fourteen assignments for an extra credit class that she finally talked the kid into dropping for the sake of both their sanities.  She finally kicked the cold she had for over three weeks.  She weakly cleaned the yard before Veto really cleaned the yard  She listened to the new Taylor Swift album seventy two times since it was released the day before yesterday.  She also made, shared and consumed most of a quadruple chocolate cheesecake that was never ever photographed and they will never ever ever get back together. 

And now... just when she got into the swing of things being a little less hectic, on Monday, this starts:

And of course, blogging often takes a back seat when these girls are a bigger part of Saucy's life.  It's officially the last year of Saucy's coaching career.  She wants this season to be the biggest and baddest of them all.  She's pulling out all the stops.  She's got an SUV full of white cheer shoes, she's filled out all the forms, filed the insurance and ordered the 3" ribbon for new hair bows.  She's planning trips, listening to strange music, she's desperately trying to find cute yellow socks.

There are already three big cupcake sales scheduled and Saucy has to handle the first one all by her lonesome because of some technicalities.  But this time next weekend, the whole house will be teeming with buttercream-brandishing Cheerios prepping for the annual Dalmeny Christmas Market, a great event next Saturday where six hundred cupcakes can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Maybe Saucy will snap you some pics of the new cupcake flavours on her phone. Sorry, peeps.  Its the best she can do right now.

senior pictures

If you haven't noticed by now, Saucy's most favourite subjects to photograph are teen girls.  They're just so damned enthusiastic about everything.  It's pretty awesome.  It's really great energy to hang out with - and capture with a lens.  It seems that in this age of Facebook, all of them are comfortable around a camera and pretty keen to have nice pictures taken.

Saucy had a chance to take senior photos for a nice group of girls from one of the high schools in town.  It was really fun to get to know them... she's used to pretty much shooting Cheerios and other Bears of that nature.  This was a change of pace, but it was also kind of the same.  Kind of... familiar.

What was especially familiar was the feeling of excitement in the air for senior year.  It's pretty powerful stuff.  It's the stuff of anticipation, of greatness, of legend.  Sometimes Saucy gets stuck in the groove of Loopy's senior year and forgets... other kids have the same feelings.  Other kids are dizzy with excitement, too.

Plus, Saucy remembered that every group of kids has a cutup that can crack everyone up!  That means, every group has their own Snookie... or Beegie.

Saucy didn't know these girls, but they were familiar just the same.  The way they were with each other, it was familiar.  It felt like friendship times five.

And even though Saucy doesn't know these young ladies, she hopes they remember her advice: enjoy this year.  Make the most out of every single moment of it.  You'll never get it back again.

This year will go by in the blink of an eye.  Shooting this fun group of young ladies reminded Saucy to slow down and help her own girls enjoy it as much as possible.  Cheer season is just around the corner, tryouts start in a couple of weeks.  With it comes cupcake sales, a crazy practice schedule and somehow Loopy has to find time for homework.  There will be senior dances, parties, a graduation to plan and dresses to buy.

Just one more year... hold on tight, girls.  Hold onto each other!  Have fun.

happy thanksgiving

As Saucy and Veto sail the seas, they still would like to wish their family and friends back in Canada a very Happy Thanksgiving.

best banana bread

Saucy doesn't want to toot her own horn, but she really does make the best banana bread.  It's really moist, really dense and has a yummy, sugary top.  Sometimes she buys bananas and sets them aside to get old and brown just so she can make this banana bread.

Go ahead... make it and you'll be able to toot your own horn, too.

That sounds horrible, doesn't it?  It's practically pornographic.  Don't think like that.  Some recipes are just filled with innuendo.

1/2 cup butter
1 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 cup (3 but preferably 4) ripe mashed bananas
1 and 3/4 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

In stand mixer, cream butter, sugar and eggs.  Add mashed bananas and beat until just blended.  Sift together dry ingredients and blend in gradually, finishing the last few stirs with a spoon or spatula.

Pour batter into a greased, long loaf pan and bake at 350 degrees F for 50 minutes.  Let stand for ten minutes before removing from pan.

And there you have it... toot, toot!

dream time

Saucy did promise you a while back that she'd show you some more shots from her cousin Sassy's "Bedtime Stories" photo shoot in September.  Since she's a pretty proud older cousin, here they are.  Sassy has an adorable little family.

Sassy and her husband McDreamy are devoted parents... they read to their children.  And just as important (in Saucy's humble opinion), they have photographs taken with their children.  These memories are priceless for little ones to grow up with.

But wait... there's more!  Sassy thought ahead to bring along the family's Halloween costumes for a few quick shots at the end of bedtime stories.  Here is a very brave knight, ready to defend the kingdom's beautiful princess from a not-very-evil dragon.

The dragon wasn't fire-breathing, he was veggie-stick-snacking.

The only wild part about this dragon was a little cranky time, but he was quickly soothed by the Prince of the Realm.

... and they all lived happily ever after!