crispy parmesan chicken wings

If you want to serve some quick and easy wings for the Superbowl this weekend, you can bake these crispy parmesan chicken wings that have been a favourite around here for years.

The best part is, you can get the crumb mixture ready anytime and throw it into a ziploc bag. It keeps nicely in the freezer - Saucy keeps it on hand to dredge both wings and strips of chicken breasts.

This recipe will prepare 18-24 baked wings. 

Crumb Mixture - measures don't have to be exact, even better!

1 cup fine bread crumbs
1/2 cup dry parmesan cheese (the kind in the green shaker)
1 tablespoon dry oregano
1/2 teaspoon seasoning salt
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

- Shake this mixture in a paper bag or simply whisk it in a bowl. If you like things cheesy, add more of the parmesan. Sometimes Saucy has Italian Seasoning on hand so she throws that in as well. It has a more peppery taste. There's really no right or wrong to this. It's a beautiful thing.

In a bowl, combine:

2 eggs
1/2 cup milk (or milk and cream, it's thicker)
a dash of Tabasco sauce (optional)

Place all of your chicken wings into the wet mixture and stir to ensure they are all covered. (Saucy washes and dries her wings before this step but that might not be your thing. If it is, do so. If not, you don't have to).

Move the wings, one at a time, from the wet mixture to the crumb mixture making sure that excessive egg and milk is dripped off before dredging the wing into the crumbs. If the crumb mixture gets wet, it will ball up and you won't have enough to coat all of your wings.

Place coated wings on a cookie sheet that has been lined with tinfoil and thoroughly and completely drizzled with cooking oil. You can also give the sheet a shot of non stick cooking spray but trust Saucy on this, you need the oil. You can use vegetable or canola oil. If you prefer olive oil you will have to reduce your cooking temperature because it can get a little smokey in your oven - but olive oil gives the wings a nice mediterranean flavour.

Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes until brown and tender. Serve hot with marinara sauce for dipping.

These make a delicious game day snack, or a meal if served with salad and bruschetta.

sag awards dresses

Saucy wasn't going to review the dresses from last night's SAG Awards but after some crazy old lady wearing polyester pants and a blouse from 1992 was brought onto local television this morning to do it, she felt she just had to have her say. Because being able to hem pants at a local tailoring shop in less than an hour doesn't make you any more of a fashion expert than Saucy.

Plus, Saucy didn't agree with one thing that she said... and she only once uttered the name of a designer and got it wrong. No, Steve McQueen is not a fashion designer, yes he is dead, but no, he did not posthumously design a gown for Emma Stone.

What gives? Time for a Saucy rundown!

the best

Ashlee Simpson in Jenny Packham. She was there as an escort and it was a little exciting to see her make such a good choice for the red carpet. The deconstructed, eretheral netting across her shoulders was as refreshing as her blonde cropped 'do.

Amber Heard in Zac Posen. Most of the time for Saucy, Mr. Posen gets it wrong, but this is more right than wrong. The detail across the back was pretty awesome too, if you get a chance to Google it. The hair is a little harsh but goes with the vibe of the outfit and let's make a bet that Zac had a hand in the styling also.

Berenice Bejo from The Artist looks admirable in a champagne Ralph Lauren beaded gown adorned with amethyst jewels. This look is a nice little throwback to the 20's.

Diane Lane wears a blue one-shoulder gown by David Meister. Pay close attention to that blue colour, it will show up later on another actress dressed by the same designer.

Michelle Williams did not wear full length, and that's fine for the SAG Awards. They're a little less formal and a little shorter than other award shows anyway. She was shining in this red lace Valentino gown. Plus, she took Saucy's advice and ditched the headband.

Unfortunately, Hilary Clinton found it and wore it to the State of the Union Address last week. Ugh.

Sometimes green dresses are a cruel joke but Emily Blunt wore this show stopping Oscar de la Renta gown so well you can look past the intensity of the colour and enjoy the combination of structure and draping.

Regina King was a winner in this mauve Alberta Feretti ruffled number. The earrings aren't too matchy-matchy, and Saucy digs that bit.

the okay

Natalie Portman in a draped chiffon gown by Giambattista Valli. It was chocolate brown and just sort of... there.

Was her hair pulled right back or has she cut it short again?

There is a little bit wrong but plenty right about Zoe Saldana's Givenchy so Saucy will give it a pass. The sheer white overlayer on top with the rhinestones looks great, but the skirt material is too stiff and structured. The bead detail around the hem is... straight out of the 1980's bride magazines.

the help

Here we go... Emma Stone in Alexander McQueen dress and handbag. Short, sweet and delightful.

Ahna O'Reily in a brave asymmetrical gown by Nha Khanh. Don't kid yourself, this is a hard look to pull off. She is hungrier than Angelia Jolie right now.

Saucy is adoring every move Octavia Spencer is making on the red carpet this season. Last night in Tadashi Sohji, she kept up the pace she's been setting.

Viola Davis in Marchesa. This look was widely adored by fashion bloggers on Twitter last night but Saucy found it too low and ill fitting around the bustline. Moving on!

Jessica Chastain looked fit and futuristic in a cobalt blue gown by Calvin Klein. The exposed underwire was a little too bra-like for Saucy's liking but the cutout did give it a little detailing and drama.

the good

Former wrestler Stacey Keibler with her best accessory, George Clooney. Gown by Marchesa, also good.

Kyra Sedgewick in a form-fitting cutout Pucci! She is looking deadly and now appears to be Seven Degrees from Fashion Perfection!

One of Saucy's favourites, Judy Greer in Colette Dinnigan. That pink clutch is a divine touch!

The Good Wife Juliana Margulies in Calvin Klien. It looks suspiciously like Katrina Bowden's white version (see below).

the modern family

Sofia Vergara in hot pink . Does anyone else think her asymmetrical top part is a little too asymmetrical? As in, downright crooked and not fitting? That aside, she is fond of this look in general and the va-va-voom works for her but Saucy would like to see her at the Emmy Awards in the fall in something a little less, uh, structured.

Julie Bowen is a lovely lady but this Temperley purple might be just a little overwhelming for her frame.

Ariel Winter in a grey short gown. Adorbs. (That's short for adorable...).

Sarah Hyland wearing Temperley. Again, she makes an age-appropriate choice but keeps it fashion-forward.

the old guard

Glenn Close in that damned Zac Posen again. Saucy will never fully be on board with him. The corset detail has got to go.

The local expert dissed Meryl for this shapeless look but Saucy thinks it okay. The belt is kind of offbeat and it suits her. Lay off. She's old.

We can't all age like Jessica Lange, who won for Best Dramatic Actress. She looked so fit and youthful, what is she drinking? Who is her surgeon?

the funny girls

Bridesmades and SNL girl Kristin Wiig in Balenciaga. It's kind of fresh and cool but Saucy is unsure of that neck cuff with the way that neckline is already. Maybe drop earrings and some crazy cuffs around the wrist would have served her better. She also needs to start picking gowns with some colour.

From 30 Rock, Katrina Bowden accessorized her cream beaded strapless gown with a new engagement ring, less than 24 hours old.

The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco wore this minty, frothy Romona Keveza gown and the only true complaint that Saucy has is that it is a bit too much and would have been better suited for an Academy Award nominee.

Tina Fey, back in black, but it's Versace and it works.

Maya Rudolph... what's going on? Saucy can find nothing about this nor does she really want to.

Melissa McCarthy looked fine in this navy Badgley Mischka draped jersey gown. She's hard to fit but she looks fine, just fine.

the gleeks

Bows are just wrong, wrong, wrong. Especially giant satin bows across the bustline. Badgley Mischka got it wrong, wrong, wrong for poor Amber Riley.

Heather Morris in a confection that no designer will seemingly cop to. Snakeskin with chiffon... ghastly.

Diana Agron in fucshia Carolina Hererra. This is pretty and sweet but what Saucy loves are the fishtail braids across the crown of her head.

Saucy must learn how to do this for Loopy.

Jane Lynch wearing that blue colour (very well Saucy might add) again by David Meister. The fit is perfect and the pleats are great... she never shies away from details that might make her look even taller, and that is just cool.

Jayma Mays, aka Miss Pillsbury in Reem Acra. This was pretty adorable on her... but didn't Amy Adams wear this in navy a couple of years ago as a gown by L'Wren Scott? Hmmmm.

Jenna Ushkowitzh in Rebecca Minkoff. The pattern, the under skirt, the cutouts... this has just got to stop. One of the worst of the night, perhaps the entire season.

Lea Michele, obviously trying to prove that she is not a nerdy geek in real life. Too much slit on this super-sexy Versace number. Saucy would have much rather seen this on Angelia Jolie, actually.

Naya Rivera in a beaded gown by Naeem Khan. She takes fashion risks but generally if you have been watching, she picks lesser known designers. This look is one of her best so far.

the reporters

Shaun Robinson - looking fine in hot pink! She would make an amazing bridesmaid. However, the reporters should be the bridesmaids of the evening, don't you agree?

Brook Anderson in something strapless but note she is also sporting the braid across the crown, like Kaley Cuoco and Diana Agron.

E!'s Guliana Rancic in red.

Kelly Osborne in Badgley Mischka. Seven out of ten.

Maria Menudos. Too tight, too busty, too much.

Nancy O'Dell in red on the red carpet. You know what Saucy thinks of that whole thing, but the dress is nice enough.

the could have been better

The Descendants Shailene Woodley opted for a Hawaiian-vibe tank dress by L'Wren Scott that's just a little too reminiscent of a swimsuit pattern.

Saucy wants to know why Lanvin could dress Emma Stone so perfectly at the Golden Globes and then drop the ball for Tilda Swinton. Maybe it was self-sabotage again. Perhaps there was a devine belt on this gown too, but she ditched it. 

Oh, and colour... please!! 

the horrifying

Jane Krakowski must not take fashion too seriously. The cutout effect on this gown is atrocious. What else can be said other than shame on whoever put her into it.

This is Busy Philips wearing Simone. It's boho and unconventional. Yes, it does look super comfortable.

This is Saucy telling her to stop already.

Angelina Jolie did not look in Jenny Packam. The gown itself was fine; this was kind of a throwback to her homewrecking  vixen, blood-in-a-vial days. It seems to work for her although not too many could pull it off.

She really needs to eat something. Now. That's the horrifying part.

Saucy isn't sure what Rose Byrne ever did to Elie Saab but she sincerely hopes they either patch things up or part company altogether. Saucy adores the idea of formal pants (she wore them to her wedding) but these pants were so beaded and heavy they missed the mark.

Well, that's it until the Oscars. These little fashion wrap-ups are quite a bit of work. Saucy will be glad when awards season is over!