who said there's no crying in baseball?

Last night, Saucy's Tigers lost the World Series in a sweep by the San Francisco Giants. Y'all know, Saucy lurrves her baseball and she lurrves the Red Sox, but the Tigers have a special place in her heart for sentimental reasons.  She really wanted this to happen.

Some things went right.

But at the World Series, the team lost their mojo.  It went.  The big bats didn't come out.  Even the fielding was hit and miss.

And even if the timber needs some time to get warmed up, we needed a bullpen to back it all up.

Even Justin Verlander, the Ryan Gosling of baseball, dropped the ball.  Hell, he dropped his basket.  They got in his head.  He's still the best pitcher in baseball, and he's still a Tiger.

And then tonight, it was all over.  It was like nobody showed up to play.  Their hearts weren't in it anymore.

Shake it off, Saucy.  Spring training starts in 106 days.  Thanks, boys.  It was a grrrrreat season.

Saucy's going to go have a little cry and maybe a solitary glass of wine.  Goodnight.

"I never took the game home with me.  I always left it in some bar." - Bob Lemon


MoonBunny said...
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MoonBunny said...

Saucy, I sent you a message on Etsy!