dream time

Saucy did promise you a while back that she'd show you some more shots from her cousin Sassy's "Bedtime Stories" photo shoot in September.  Since she's a pretty proud older cousin, here they are.  Sassy has an adorable little family.

Sassy and her husband McDreamy are devoted parents... they read to their children.  And just as important (in Saucy's humble opinion), they have photographs taken with their children.  These memories are priceless for little ones to grow up with.

But wait... there's more!  Sassy thought ahead to bring along the family's Halloween costumes for a few quick shots at the end of bedtime stories.  Here is a very brave knight, ready to defend the kingdom's beautiful princess from a not-very-evil dragon.

The dragon wasn't fire-breathing, he was veggie-stick-snacking.

The only wild part about this dragon was a little cranky time, but he was quickly soothed by the Prince of the Realm.

... and they all lived happily ever after!


karen said...

wow what great shots - really captured the love going around in this family - love the lil dragon head shot and the brave knight

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!! Theya sre such a beautiful family! I sure hope we can get in on your next project!! Dena

Niki said...

I love following this adorable family on Sassy's blog. Thanks for sharing their pics.