something magical

It's magical when the light is behind your beautiful model and it creates interesting patterns, streaks and flares.  Saucy embraces it, she doesn't fight magic like that.

Sometimes, she even embellishes with a little more post-production magic.

When she and Loopy photographed Miss Potter in the evening light, it was indeed magical.  Miss Potter wanted to take her graduation gown out for one last spin on the town.

Are you wondering why Saucy calls her Miss Potter?  Well, she was glad that parasol she posed with wasn't a portkey.  That would have been awkward, indeed!

Sometimes, it is just the right combination of light and model to cast a spell.

Miss Potter is especially enchanting!

At Hogwarts, if the location inside two portraits is the same, then essentially a person could be in two paintings at the same time. If you know what that means.

 If you're a muggle, you have no idea what Saucy is yammering on about.

What is the parseltongue word for gorgeous?

Miss Potter is magical, indeed.  She cast a charming spell on Saucy and Loopy.

It's been a really long and wonderful summer of photo shoots. Saucy has lost all track of time with them and she really needs to get back to the work of cooking and cleaning and keeping house (and blog). She has a few wedding gown makeovers to attempt and the autumn decorations to put out. Now, if she could just wave her wand to do that.


Mrs. G. said...

I'm a little tired of coming over here and telling you how talented you are at f$#king everything, but c'est vrai.


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, is she one of the Cheerios? She looks stunning.


Erica said...

Saucy, you rock! Thanks for all you do to boost the confidence of these young ladies - the world should be filled with people exactly like you...imagine the possibilities!