senior year

Grade twelve is officially upon us... The Cheerios, their friends, the parents. It's here. Take a deep breath and walk through the doors on the morning of your very last {first} day.

Last night the girls met up in the school parking lot - a good amount of them anyway - and luckily Pepper and Carlene were on hand to help Saucy take back to school shots to commemorate the occasion... the last first day of school.

The senior girls ordered jerseys and snap-back hats and wore their cute gear for photos.

Some faces you will recognize easily, others you won't. They're not all Cheerios, but they're all Bears... and some pretty stinkin' cute ones at that!  It's like this school got hit with a pretty stick four years ago when they walked through the doors on the first day of freshman year.

And now... here they are.  Seniors, at last.

Some of them ready to cheer for the last year, others to be on student council, basketball, and more.

There are still lots of photos to come... these are just the favourites that Saucy and Pepper picked of their cameras when they got home. Carlene will be posting hers later, you will see them on Facebook - or perhaps here.

Carlene shot more pictures of Daisy Duke, Loopy, Mayhem, Roxy and Beegie.

It's been amazing to watch some (most, actually) of these girls grow up from elementary school... some of them from pre-kindergarden.

And Loopy... off to Japan on exchange just a few short days after the last cheer competition is over.  Saucy hopes she doesn't sleep through the entire thing.

May this senior year solidify the friendships they have made that will last a lifetime. Saucy is sure that it will.

And may she just tempt you... there will be prom dress shoots at the end of the school year, plus a winter formal in December.  Brace yourself.  It's about to get all fancy up in here.


Leica Forrest said...

those photos rock!!!!!

Loopy you are sooo beautiful and your friends are all AMAZING! Have a GREAT year girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

The girls will simply treasure these pictures as the years go by. They are so lucky!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Awww...great start to their happy ending! And I personally ADORE their school colors--green and gold, baby!