school fascinators

Saucy had a bit of fun with some leftover bits from the craft room paired with some artificial flowers and green tulle. She made some school-coloured fascinators for The Cheerios to wear to football games and on pep days. She was inspired by pictures of Kate Middleton and all the celebrations in Great Britain this year. Fascinators are, quite simply, fascinating.

Saucy made all twelve hats before she came upon the idea of naming them individually. You do know how she lurrves giving things little nicknames. "Anne" was a fitting name for the first creation because it turned out so perfectly prim and proper. Beegie grabbed onto this one, and Saucy thinks it will look splendid in her long blonde hair.

The "Beatrice" is a little younger and edgier. The veil is a little longer and open, so it can be draped over the forehead or face for dramatic effect. Those spikey things will make heads turn.

Trooper took this one home, Saucy assured her she could trim the netting as she sees fit once she tries it on for size in front of the mirror.

Saucy designed the "Camilla" to be a little unappealing at first, but eventually it grows on you. You kind of have no other choice. You might be put off by its sheer size or the garishness of it, but if you put it on you realize it's quite a nice fit after all and doesn't look to bad.  You can kind of fix it up and take it out on the town.

Saucy supposes that it was meant to be, after all.  Mayhem spoke for it and Saucy cannot wait to see a picture of her wearing it.

The "Carole" is generally quite bespoke, with a pale creamy yellow rose and delicate feathers but don't let that fool you. The addition of bright green crystals on the veil and the curled pipe cleaners just scream nouveau riche.

Saucy did a little millinery research and discovered, as in most design, the rule of thirds is best. Generally, accents and adornments are placed in groups of three for a more pleasant effect. Saucy couldn't do it to the "Diana." There could only be two feathers in this marriage.

After all, what woman doesn't try to convey her message through fashion?

There was a tiny bit of craft foam leftover from something or other. JWOWW and Loopy thought Saucy was way off track when she started forming it into a curved egg shape and built upon that with wide and narrow strips. It came together with hot glue and the "Duchess" looks absolutely like something Kate Middleton would wear to Ascot.

If Ascot was a nickname for Gordie Howe Bowl.

The "Elizabeth" is steadfast and simple. In honour of her diamond Jubilee, it is bedazzled with white crystals.

Snookie is going to look downright glamorous and dare Saucy say it... regal... wearing the "Elizabeth."

There was no more perfect name for this creation than "Eugenie," after Saucy finished it and stepped back. With those loosey goosey butterflies fluttering overhead and the scalloped veil, enough is enough. Someone will be brave enough to wear it to a football game or pep rally.

Someone who wants to get noticed.  No takers on this one yet.  The girls are more than a little skeptical.

JWOWW spoke immediately for the fashion-forward "Kate" as soon as the hot glue cooled. It is just the perfect mix of being traditional and young. It's kind of trendy and the way the feathers hug the side of the head, so everyone will want to be sporting a school fascinator soon.

The "Margaret" fascinator is a perfect design for any woman who has ever felt overshadowed by her sister. Enough said. Let the butterfly out of its cocoon, already.

This fascinator is young and fresh. The "Pippa" doesn't have to play by anyone's rules, but she has to toe the line of general good behaviour. The feather-and-ribbon combo is a little unexpected and it really bounces and flounces with the movement of the head. It's kind of an upstagey, show-offy piece. This one looks fabulous sported with a spray tan.

Saucy swears, wearing this hat will make your butt look amazing.

The "Sarah" design is sweet but just a tad downtrodden. After all, Saucy already had most of the supplies stashed in the cabinets... but she did buy some sale flowers when she was in Calgary and this one looks a wee bit tired. Saucy wondered aloud if she shouldn't snip off those brown-golden feathers around the bloom but they look decidedly ginger.

Saucy whipped up the fascinators and let the girls pick which ones they wanted to wear. They may not all be inclined to wear them but they'll look adorable if they do. If you think they will, let them know. Leave a comment. Sometimes they need convincing.


Anonymous said...

If no one has spoken for Kate or Carole, can I?

Those are fabulous, Saucy!

Dani said...

So cute! I hope they wear them. I'd love to see pictures!

Niki said...

Honestly, i just WISH i had a place to wear a fascinator...
Hope the girls wear them on game days and other pep days!

btw, i would totally go for the crazy butterfly one; if you're gonna do it, do it all the way, says I.

Sandra D said...

So cute - I hope the girls wear them. Love all the personality profiles you included as well.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What fun!

Brenda (from Alberta) said...

These are so cute! I went to a wedding this summer where we were supposed to wear fascinators - we ended up with sparkly headbands with crystal flowers and butterflies. I needed your inspiration late July :-(
I really hope the girls will wear these for a photo shoot - they will look marvelous I am sure!

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose we need an actual tutorial, just the idea itself is AHMAHZING! Oh I need to make one of these to wear to an NFL game this year!