princess collection

In Detroit over the weekend Saucy picked up a pretty sweet little outfit for Loopy.  She was so excited when she found the Vera Wang Princess fashion line at Kohls.  Loopy has always had a soft spot for Vera Wang fragrances.

Then she was even more excited to find most of the pieces priced at 30-45% off.  At the checkout Saucy was introduced to the concept of Kohl's cash and realized that shopping there could be like crack cocaine, or Krispy Kreme donuts - they just keep bringing you back for more.  It's a good thing she doesn't live closer.

So anyway, she splurged and got the entire outfit.  The cute ribcage tee shirt looked adorable with the blazer.  The pin on the blazer is permanently attached and Saucy's not sure how she feels about that, laundry-wise.

She found a necklace and earrings to match.  The earrings are little crowns that look like Vera's logo.

She's seventeen, but Saucy still sometimes has the impulse to dress Loopy up like a living doll.  It's a good thing Loopy has the patience for these things.  She's really very good about it all.

Saucy missed out on the footwear.  She never even thought of looking for shoes to go with the outfit.  Next time!

Saucy completed Loopy's new outfit with the kilt from the collection, too.  She doesn't usually buy a head-to-toe outfit when she's shopping, but it just all looked so damned cute together she could hardly wait to get it home and snap a few pics of Loopy wearing it.

The ring set from a bottle of Princess fragrance.

Long may Loopy reign!


unna said...

i can say the pictures are very nice but the rest i did not understand.. is this about funny t-shirts?

oliver rain said...

She's so lovely. Lizzie is my little dress up doll too!