Allow Saucy to introduce to you... Mayhem.  She's one of the Cheerios that you don't know.  Not for any particular reason, except she doesn't get in front of the camera too often.  Not that it should be that way.  She's very athletic, very funny, and very, very cute.

Mayhem is a flyer and tumbler.  She fearlessly flips and flops over the heads of her teammates.

She's kind of crazy and earned her nickname honestly.  She's the kind of kid who will wear a morphsuit and anonymously run around town turning cartwheels and back handsprings.

Don't let that killer smile fool you... she has a knack for Mayhem.  She can stay awake the entire night through a sleepover, eat her weight in McDonalds and stuff pom poms into her school jersey to look like a teen mom gone bad.

It's... mayhem.  It's never boring.

Years of tumbling practice have left Mayhem's feet a little banged up.  She didn't want them photographed.  Honestly, it's not that bad.  Saucy decided to respect Mayhem's wishes even though, after all these photo shoots of teenage girls, she's heard it all: my neck is fat!... can you photoshop these marks off my elbow?... is that really what my ankles look like? (seriously those things have truthfully been uttered).

When will they start to see themselves for what they really and truly are?  Exceptional young women with skills and smarts.

As you can see, Mayhem has a Marilyn-esque quality to her.  There's something very retro, very sixties, very vulnerable about her - even though she could probably kick your butt in a wrestling match.  Saucy was kind of disappointed that with Mayhem all fixed up like this, she didn't have an old chunky cable knit sweater to photograph her in.  That would have been ultra Kennedy-cool.

Shortly after this series of pictures was taken... Saucy spotted this guy:

Gah!  It is Canada, after all.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Saucy and the girls used their time a little more wisely and did two shoots in one location.  JWOWW was the other model, you probably remember her from here and here.  You can see her here tomorrow in our fabulous, once in a lifetime "trash the dress" shoot.

Are you more than a little excited?


Sandra D said...

Wow - great photo shoot! As soon as I saw the first few photos, I thought she looks like Marilyn Monroe!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Beautiful young woman. And she has the hair I always WISHED I had.