happy times down home

Come to where Veto grew up in Southern Ontario... where the family gathered for Aunt Daisy and Uncle Buck's fiftieth wedding anniversary this weekend.  It was a kind of down-home, casual affair.  They didn't want too much of a fuss made but The Inmate and Saucy got a few things done.  A few touches here and there made it a real homespun event.

The Inmate coaxed The Warden into moving one of the old tractors out to greet the guests.  Saucy put her Cheerio poster-making skills to use and that was that.

The girls pulled out their flea market finds from the Randolph Street Flea Market in August.  Saucy's vintage train case stood in as a card repository and The Inmate's vintage initial stood watch over the punch bowl.  

Antique Ball jars filled with fresh fall flowers abounded... TeTe got that job done.  She has some hookups.  

Saucy and Aunt San as the polka dot girls

The Inmate made batches and batches of Farmerette's famous sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting.  Saucy is sorry to report that the recipe, although she was accidental witness to the process, is top secret.  Many have asked, but none have been trusted with it - except The Inmate.  She mixed the cookie dough late in the night after everyone was snoozing... Saucy crept downstairs to find the mixer turning out the buttery dough.  She was hustled back up to bed.  Nobody sees Farmerette's famous recipe!  Not even Saucy!

Someone special wearing her first Juicy Couture dress!
Veto and The Warden... brothers from different mothers... but really, cousins.

Saucy made the anniversary cake.  It was three layers: the top layer was vanilla filled with lemon curd, the middle layer chocolate with cream, fresh berries and chocolate shavings, the bottom red velvet with cream cheese filling.  It was all stacked and piped with Swiss meringue buttercream. Saucy was going for a rustic, traditional look.

Saucy was pleased enough with the overall creation but Swiss meringue doesn't work for super-fine piping the way Saucy's classic buttercream does.  But, it's less sweet and was probably a better fit for the crowd on hand.  There was hardly any cake left at the end so it must have been a hit.

Here are the happy couple... The Inmate insisted they pose for a cake-cutting shot.  Since the whole affair was outdoors under the tent, the cake was in the garage where it was protected from the Ontario heat and humidity.  But this is a garage like you've never seen before.  It was comfortable enough for everyone to linger and play cards and visit late into the day.

The caterer provided plenty of delicious bites!

Saucy and Veto even posed for a few pictures around the family farm... and yes, she thinks "his tractor is sexy..."


Jenn @ You know... that Blog? said...

Still upset we didn't get together when you were SO CLOSE... but I'll get over it. Glad you had a good time! 50 years is such an amazing milestone, and they both look very young and vibrant still. Good genes!

P.S. hope Loopy is feeling better today!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Fifty! Congrats to them--looks like you all had a wonderful celebration together.

Niki said...

That looks like a great party. The cake looks fab and the pics of you and Veto are wonderful.
I really like the tractor reflection picture in the shiny truck grill: it captures the feling of farm life wonderfully.

Sarah said...

I know I'm behind but so exciting to see that you were in Ontario...my home-province!