freshman survival kit

A couple of Saucy's little buddies entered ninth grade this September.  It really is amazing to watch them grow up.  Saucy decided to gather some goodies and assemble a "freshman survival kit" for them... she made one in blue and gold for a brand new "Soul" and another in green and gold for a future "Bear," and she and Loopy dropped them off on their doorsteps the night before their first day as high school students.

Inside each kit was an assortment of invaluable goodies.  Included, but not limited to: rooter poms and glittery beads for the first football game.

There were lucky gym socks to wear to basketball tryouts, a handy makeup palate to stash in a locker, lip balm, lip gloss, cute hankies and bandages (you just never know).  Saucy also threw in some candies in school colours, and hand sanitizer.  She knows the deal.  Candy and hand sanitizer.  Very important.

Saucy burned her little buddies some tunes to get them in the mood to start a new leg of their school journey.  She tried to pick a few songs they wouldn't know, just to keep them on their toes.  She figured most of these titles would have a significance at some point or another.

The Marty Robbins track... more on a lark... but Hell, its Marty Robbins.  You gotta do it.

Breath mints, gum, markers and pens, and paper clips in school colours, natch.  Paper clips are especially handy because they can be bookmarks, pick locks, clip your hair back on a bad day, or for the more conventional among us, clip papers together.  A little vending machine cash (ICE = in case of emergency) can't hurt, either.

Saucy kind of thinks she hit the general requirements of a basic survival kit.  They can throw them in the back of their lockers and when they need something, it will be there.

And if they ever need someone, Saucy or Loopy will be there too.  That's just how it works.

Reader, what would you have included in the kit?  Surely Saucy overlooked something.


abearmadethis said...

wow you are just beyond thoughtful. I'm sure those girls will be beyond thrilled with their survival kits.
wish I'd had awesome friends like you and Loopy when I was entering freshman year (highschool where I come from) xx

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a sweet, cute and KIND gift to an underclassman! (And the best colors!)

Jerri-lea said...

Awwww! That is so thoughtful!! You really ROK!! You MUST help remind me to do this when CJ & BFF are in high school!

Pepper said...

Abby was totally thrilled! Super way to start the year. Nice work Saucy.

Christina said...

So wonderful! Absolutely love this idea!

Christina said...

So wonderful! Absolutely love this idea!

Anonymous said...

best idea ever. Going to a game and having rooter poms is probably one of the better things to do when going to a game to cheer on your team!