saskatoon berry pie

Saucy isn't going to attempt to impress you for this post with her mad food styling and photography skills.  She simply made a pie, and it was delicious.  She wanted you to know about it.

She made it from a summer crop of saskatoon berries.  They are sweet and slightly nutty, but they still need a bit of sugar.

Saucy is a lazy pie maker in the summer sometimes... she only makes one round of pie crust, and then she's done.  No more mixing, no more rolling.  She just wants to get on with it.  She knows it's going to be about an hour in the oven and the very idea of mixing and rolling another round just exhausts her in this heat.

Besides, it's not like anyone else around here likes saskatoon berry pie.  This is pretty much just for Saucy anyway.

She lazily folds the pastry edge back over the sides of the filling and calls it "homestyle" pie crust.  This is where homestyle = lazy and hungry.

The plate?  Just for show.  After the shot, the last piece of pie got dumped directly into the bottom of the frozen pail where it joined the last scoop of vanilla ice cream on its way to Saucy's stomach.

Because she's super classy like that.  Pie from a pail.  Nice.


Sarah said...

LMAO this was the funniest post of the year.

I love it, I plan to make lazy pie and eat it at the bottom of the ice cream container.

Jenn said...

My hubby is about to make me a peach pie. My mouth is watering seeing this pie and thinking about the bag if peaches sitting on our counter...

Nom nom nom!

Anonymous said...

YUMM-O! I can't wait to try this with blueberries, what an easy way to make a crust.