one favourite

While Saucy and Loopy are road trippin' this weekend, they've left you a post featuring one favourite shot from some of the photo sessions we haven't had time to post on the blog in their entirety.

It seemed like it would be a quick little post to put up, they'd just sift through each folder and agree on a fave.  Not so.  There were way more than just one for each shoot.  Drat!  That's a good thing.

They were finally able to agree... pretty much.

Simply precious this one was.

A fun and funky family.
Sisters at twelve, fourteen and sixteen years old.
Sisters make the best friends!
A sweet candid moment between niece and auntie.

The perfect princess!

Amazingly beautiful eyes.

Okay... that's two from one shoot, yes.  But look at that last picture.  That picture tells one awesome story!

The story was:  Sisters... blech!


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the picture of the sisters in the bleachers! Cute idea!

Anonymous said...

I adore that photo of Alex! Thank you so much!

Crista said...

Love the bleachers picture! and those eyes... LOVE! Amazing work Ladies :)