maple bacon cupcakes

It's true that not every single cupcake flavour is a hit.  Loopy and some of her pals had a little birthday surprise event last weekend for Mayhem.  They took up a collection and rented a bouncy castle - they had it inflated at a park near the river for one sunny weekend afternoon.  Loopy also offered to take cupcakes.

Now, Saucy got to thinking, that Mayhem - she likes things that are a little odd and unusual.  If you knew Mayhem and JWOWW, you'd get it.  So Saucy convinced Loopy the way to go would be to make a chocolate cupcake with a hint of maple (sounds good so far) and top it with maple buttercream (still good) and... candied bacon.

Okay, the entire thing is a little crazy in its inception but candied bacon recipes are readily available on the Internet and Saucy really wanted to give it a go.  She figured the worst thing that could happen would be a really yummy cupcake with delicious frosting and a yucky decoration that people would pick off.

That's sort of what happened.  Saucy blames the website that advised her to candy the bacon with cinnamon on it.  She should have thought that one through a little more thoroughly.  Sprinkling bacon with brown sugar and broiling it might have been sufficient.  The cinnamon really didn't do anything for the flavour.

Broken into smaller pieces, they made pretty bits for the top of each cupcake but they didn't taste as great as Saucy thought they'd be.  If you're trying this at home, scratch the cinnamon.

Don't blame the little cupcake... he just wants to be loved.  He didn't ask to be topped with pork product.  He's still pretty damned cute.  He and his friends are made with Saucy's enriched box cake recipe as follows:

1 box chocolate cake mix (Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker or Pillsbury only)
1/2 cup melted butter
3 eggs
1 cup buttermilk (this can be whole or 2% milk with 1 tbsp vinegar left on counter 20 min)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp maple extract

Combine cake mix, butter and eggs on slow speed in stand mixer.  Combine liquid ingredients and add gradually.  Increase speed of mixer to "high" and beat for one minute until thoroughly blended.  Scrape bowl to ensure all matter is incorporated from the bottom.  Allow batter to stand on counter two to three minutes before scooping into paper-lined muffin tins.   Portion even amounts with an ice-cream scoop.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 16-18 minutes.  Do not overbake!  Your cupcakes are ready when they spring back when lightly touched.

Note: Saucy has refined her Perfect Cupcakes Using a Box Mix recipe since she originally published it five years ago.  Making several hundred batches with The Cheerios has led to some modification over time.  A few other bloggers have claimed this method as their own... beware of imitators!  Saucy and The Cheerios perfected this method of cupcaking to share with you.



Anonymous said...

I like the idea of bacon with chocolate... yum! I had a fancy chocolate bar once that had bacon in it, it was delish!


Mairead said...

Other than the unnecessary cinnamon, how was the recipe overall? (Truth be told, I adore bacon, but really, too much can be too much. I'm still not sold on the bacon craze, hence my skepticism!)

Clandestine Road said...

Maple and bacon is my favorite combination. I made donuts with that flavor and they are still my favorite.

Thanks for sharing!

Grace said...

Oh my girl! That looks and sounds so amazing. Everytime I watch Cupcake Wars I wish you would be would beat all of them!!

Andy Steven said...

Great for xmas! Please host in each week, and it is necessary have to be moist or dry bacon and how much u are putting.

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