Loopy and her iPhone have had a few adventures this summer.  They've been geocaching. Basically, she uses a downloaded app to find hidden "caches" around town. Think of it as a real-life treasure hunt.

Saucy used to go geocaching with her nerdy social studies and history teacher friends.  It was pretty fun, but generally Saucy gets a little frustrated when she's looking for something and can't find it.  Unless it's a pair of snakeskin shoes on Michigan Avenue.  She can do that for hours.

Plus, some of the players are really super sneaky and hide their caches well.  A little too well, if you ask Saucy.  They can be as elusive as the perfect pair of pumps.

Sometimes it can get a little rustic, a little natural and rugged. You can't be afraid to climb or turn things over.  You might break a nail.  Actually, Saucy broke a nail last week on Michigan Avenue actually looking for footwear so she supposes that geocaching might not be that high-risk after all.

And then... sometimes, the cache is staring you right in the face.  It might be camouflaged, but it's there.

This micro cache was so tiny, it only held a little scroll for players to log their visits to it. You can also log that you found it online, and give other players tips or notes about it.

Tip: keep a little writing instrument on hand to write in the cache log.

Or, you could find a larger cache filled with actual treasure.  Loopy hunts with her backpack filled with little trinkets to leave behind.  Take a trinket, leave a trinket... that's the rule.

So if you have some time this long weekend, log in, download the app, and take the kids on a hunt... you might be surprised what you find!


Jerri-lea said...

The Adorables had CJ's BFF over for a 'back to school' sleepover & we spent some time geocaching last night!! Found our first magnetic micro!! Found 3 out of 4!
The Adorables and I thought that next summer all the bloggy buddies should prepare our own little caches (of course they hoped that yours would be a dragonfly / cupcake theme, ours would likely be disney, BBF decided hers would be lego.) Keep it in mind!!

Diane said...

So for a "welcome to kindergarten" tour we are "letterboxing." The kidlets will follow picture clues(great for pre-readers) to locate hidden boxes and collect stamp marks in personalized logbooks. Of course this scavenger hunt introduces them to the school and staff BUT leads to the ultimate prize: a grand cache of cupcakes!! MMMMM