buddying up

Saucy and her fabulous foodie blogging friend were both inspired by this photo shoot that has had its fair share of attention on Pinterest.  Since Saucy and The Cheerios have been spending the summer doing their own version of the upcycled gown challenge and gown photo series, The Foodie and Saucy decided to join forces and work on a shoot together.

Last week, on a particularly beautiful evening, The Foodie's folks generously let their beautiful country acreage be overrun by Saucy and the girls... complete with providing props (check out the sweet ride below).

The best part of the entire endeavour (and there were many awesome parts) was to see the difference in the finished photos from two photographers.  If you ever get a chance to buddy up and shoot with a friend, do it.  It will open your eyes... you'll learn some tricks.  But mostly, you'll realize how two different photographers with roughly the same amount of experience and exactly the same equipment can see one beautiful subject in totally different ways.

It's fascinating.  If you didn't think photography is a subjective art form, it is.  Artists see their subject matter through the lens in different ways.

For this shoot, our subject was the exceptionally beautiful Snookie.  She's beautiful inside and out.  She's full of spit and vinegar, spunk and sass.

Can you just tell?  She makes Saucy laugh.  She makes Veto laugh. She actually sometimes brings the entire team to stitches.  She's just one of those people.

Even The Foodie captured Snookie's crazy-tough-girl-with-an-attitude personality.  Don't let that facade fool you too much... she's kind of a sweet marshmallow inside.  On the outside, she's all fisticuffs and (like Loopy) often with the mouth of a sailor.  Saucy rides them about it, but they know it makes her giggle inside. They like to say things mostly for shock value.

The mosquitos came out for the shoot.  Loopy was the incredibly glam bug spray assistant.

In all of it, we had many moments of serenity.  It really was a magical photo shoot.  The light was gorgeous.

Snookie is wearing a beautiful wedding gown donated to our upcycling project.  The bodice is just folded underneath the skirt and fastened with a belt.  Saucy fashioned a sash with some white taffeta for under four dollars.  It was fastened with a zip tie from the hardware store.

Now that we're done photographing this amazing skirt, we may attempt just one more restyle of it before it makes its way to The Princess Shop.  It is a pristine gown (with tags) that will find a home with someone who really needs it.

Sharing the gown with someone needy is just another lesson from the gown upcycling and photo shoot project.  It's about putting something beautiful to good use... even if it wasn't the original plan for the dress.

And like buddying up with another photographer, The Cheerios like to work together to create beautiful things...

... like friendships that will stand the test of time.

Prairie alfalfa

The Foodie saw Snooks in some amazing light.

Saucy loves capturing the girls through the loving lens of her camera.  She wants to help them remember these times, the good parts and the bad.  It's all part of the fabric of growing up, of finding their own way.

Saucy can't thank The Foodie enough for being a second shooter on this project, and if The Foodie is ever up for it again, Saucy knows a few girls who would be more than interested in taking their turn in front of a couple of duelling camera lenses.  There are a few Cheerios who haven't even had a turn with a photo shoot yet...

In the meantime, check out The Foodie's blog, BS' In The Kitchen where she and her brother cook and bake up a storm of all sorts of delicious recipes.  You can follow her photography on her Facebook page here.

The complete shoot is available on Saucy's flickr account, in case you want to peruse.


Mrs. G. said...

This is just the coolest project ever. Saucy needs to become a stylist when she's not a photographer and chef.

Sandra D said...

Another amazing project. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. I am off to check the foodie's blog next.

Anonymous said...

I'm just loving this series of gowns you are reworking! What fun you must be having... I do hope you have some more coming our way!