baby steps

It's much too hot to do any baking around here... so you'll have to endure seeing some more of Saucy and Loopy's summer photography project.  Thanks to some loyal friends and blog readers, Loopy has more than half of the money she needs for her exchange to Japan in March.  There are more shoots booked so hopefully she can come up with all the scratch required and put the project to bed in the early fall.

It's forced Saucy to do a few things.  Primarily, Loopy has forced Saucy to shoot in completely manual mode on her camera.

This flexibility has allowed the girls to get out and shoot in more places than ever before.  In this case, simply on a kitchen table with available light through patio doors.  This sweet baby was just sixteen days old for her first photo shoot.

Even though Saucy used to teach photography in high schools, it was the olden days with film and actual light meters and developing in a dark lab with stinky rotten chemicals.  When she switched to digital SLR, she got very... lazy.

Saucy needed Loopy to push her out of her comfort zone and work with the light more.  Loopy forced the issue at times and Saucy sometimes resisted... but they kept at it.  Loopy held the reflector and sometimes it might have been hard to tell who was the teacher and who was the student.

And in other baby steps, Saucy encouraged Loopy to explore the world of actions and filters in Photoshop more.  

By george, I think they've got it!

Together, they're making some nice memories... for themselves and for other people.  And some decent coin.  It really beats Loopy standing around in a drive through asking if anyone wants fries with their order.  This way, everyone's learning something new.

What do you think of that?

You'd have to do a lot of babysitting to get to Japan!

Enjoy these long, lazy days of summer.



Jenny said...

Oh, my word.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job. What precious mementos for that family.

Jen H

KL Crab said...

these are simply beautiful, in the last one she looks carved from marble. It's beautiful.

Leica Forrest said...

they are stunning! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the filter on the last shot!!!!! wow, you guys are awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem like you are amateurs by looking at those pics, I'd be delighted with them if they were of my precious baby! You really are turning pro, you two! That little one is so sweet she could be a "baby model"... twee!

Erica said...

These are once again the most amazing photos!!! You and Loopy make a great team!

Sandra D said...

Adorable photos. You have captured the essence of that new little human being.