upcycled wedding gown

Saucy has accepted the challenge... to find an old wedding gown and "upcycle" it to be modern and wearable.  She hit the internet and several people responded to her ad.  She is now the proud owner of about six out-of-style gowns, like this one:

This one was a real 1970's beauty.  A chiffon skirt and sleeves, giant cuffs and a collar, and a fussy bow detail around the waist.  Saucy didn't see it that way.  She saw it like this:

Yep, same dress.  Sorry, this is a photo-heavy post.  Fred modelled Saucy's recycled creation over the weekend and there were just so many damned photos.  You're about to get bombarded.  Saucy apologizes in advance.

It's just, something clicked with this project.  And how exciting it is, because the dress is completely and totally wearable.  Sure, she cut it apart.  But she was careful around seams and structural stuff and there's nothing pinned or taped here at all.  This is a functional, wearable, recycled wedding gown from the 1970's.

Okay, maybe not a fabulous view of the back, the unprofessional part of Saucy completely forgot to get a good shot of the back.  It was kind of slung like a half-jacket down the back, see how it overhangs there?  It snaps up the back and there's more lace under that layer.  Saucy left it all because it was terribly cute and gave some interest to the back of a pretty straightforward look.

Girls, just slap on four dollars worth of wide black ribbon (also known as two metres) and fasten with a vintage brooch.

Don't cut the lace in a straight line, don't even attempt it.  Way more interesting if the cut lines scallop and curve around the Chantilly lace.  That's also a more modern take on the lace look.  Try to cut between the flowers so the tulle provides a soft edge look.

And may you just know, this dress was practically made for Fred... it had to be.  It fit her just so, in every way possible.  The length was perfection.

The neckline even fit perfectly, snug enough but not choking the gorgeous model. 

There's something so swingy and flowy and wonderful about a chiffon skirt.  They're fun to move in and they photograph beautifully.  The fabric makes interesting folds and shapes.

This photo has a wonderful seventies feel to it... do you think Fred knows who Ali MacGraw is and that she just kicked her ass?

Uhm, yeah.  Saucy's just showboating now.  Show off!  Show off! I've got the prettiest models in town!  I've got Loopy and Fred and The Cheerios!

Okay...  you get it... Saucy had fun with this project.  Fun with the challenge, the restyling and working with Fred again.

Carla at Blossoms provided the peonies.  Saucy planned on using hers from the garden but she was just two or three days too late.  They were droopy... but these ones were fresh and fit for photography.  They only needed to be tied up with a ribbon and fastened with a little brooch.  Don't you just lurrve peonies, people?

Sunset pictures... are you dying yet?  Saucy is.

So... this dress up-cycling thing is the bomb.  So fun.  It really gets a girl thinking on a different wavelength.  Saucy's decided to take the challenge further because hell, she has a closet full of these free wedding gowns now.

Do you think she can do something with all of them?  It will require some thinking, some snipping and stitching and an army of Cheerios to model the results.  They're game if you are.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow is she just gorgeous or what? Love the dress too :)

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the ones in the long grass best. Great job, and lovely model!

Erica said...

wow! You are amazing!

Pepper said...

Those are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Beyond... just beyond!

Kerrie said...

OHMG - if you did more of these, people would buy the dresses! I can't believe it's the same gown. It's marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever sleep??? Always so creative with such beautiful results...day after day - I am amazed!!

Sandra D said...

Beautiful dress & stunning model. You have the best vision and know how to make your dream into a reality! Love all the photos.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Beautiful remake of the gown, gorgeous Fred, and whoo-hoo for your awesome photography! Do it again, DOITAGAIN!!

Big TX Hugs,

Jaime said...

I want this! You may have inspired me to give it a try too... did you buy the dresses, or did people just give them to you to get them out of their way??

Saucy said...


They GAVE them away! I have about six wedding gowns and I just picked up five bridesmaid's dresses from one girl; she didn't want them in her closet anymore. Put an ad on Craigslist (we have Kijiji in Canada, do you have that?) and you will get calls!

If you try it, send me a picture, I'd love to see it!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, DO IT AGAIN! That was WoNdErFuL to see... I live too far away from you but I have my mother's dress from the late 60's I always thought someone very clever could make an evening gown out of it... now, maybe I should try up-cycling!!


Twinkle Fairy said...

I love, love love it. If you do more, please post them!! Oh, of course you will! ;)

Michelle said...

Stunning...and what a lovely, lovely model

Unknown said...

Beautiful work! Love to see creativity in this way! Would you provide this service to others, by the way?

Jen Bowles said...

This is absolutely stunning! Beautiful model and amazing upcycle--I thought the first pic you posted of Fred was your inspiration from a magazine!

Kate said...

What?! Blossoms?! YES!!! I have been with Carla since I was a teenager and she opened her first little shop in Cumberland Square. She did my wedding and I love her! These shots are swoon worthy. Think Hubs would agree to another wedding? LOL Between maturing myself, Pinterest, google and all things artistic I would do things much differently!

kerry22 said...

Can you do a tutorial of how Fred's hair was styled? Gorgeous! :)