random act of cupcake

Saucy and Loopy are having a very creative and productive summer... they're getting lots accomplished but not really the blogging part of it.  Maybe the blogging part of it should be the finish line, not just the delivery of the baked goods or the finished photos.

Why, just today they baked eighty cupcakes for the next door neighbours, their daughter got married over the weekend and they were hosting their family for an afternoon in their yard.

Saucy was fretting because her collection of unbreakable (wire) cupcake stands don't match.  She found a way around it by visiting the floral department at Safeway.  Two small mixed bunches did the trick to tie everything together nicely.

When it was all said and done, it wasn't overly noticeable that the stands were mismatched.  Saucy is kicking herself for walking away from one of these stands at the thrift store last week... it was a mere six dollars.  Why?  Why?  Because she thought she had enough stands.  

Stupid girl.  You can never have enough cupcake stands.

Yes, it was sort of raining and drizzling.  The party still went on, under the tents.  The humidity in the air kept the cupcakes surprisingly fresh and moist.

The flowers placed in and around the cupcakes filled the stands and "fluffed" everything together.

Yes, you've seen too many pictures already.  The cute bits are the tiny little buds of daisies and mums that got poked right into the cupcakes.  More flowers would have looked even better.  Remember that if you have to plan a birthday party or shower.

So, Saucy vows never to walk away from another cupcake stand at Value Village ever again.  Her loss was likely someone else's gain.

Someone much smarter!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

They look beautiful, Saucy!

Anonymous said...

That was really kind of you... and they were delicious! Such a treat. Thanks very much!

Kate said...

This is a fab idea...I really don't care if my stands match, however I do detest the top spot where you are supposed to place a cupcake but said cupcake always falls off once people start jostling the stand to get their treat. So I want to leave it empty but it just looks so...well...empty. Flowers would work brilliantly to fluff that spot up! Thank-you!