photoshop six

Saucy is just checking in to say the summer is still quite busy and hectic, with a ton of photoshoots in the works.  Last night, Uncle Bug helped by installing Photoshop 6 on Saucy's computer and giving her some tips and instruction.

She had a few minutes to play with some recent shots of Loopy, applying some actions and generally mucking around.

So much Photoshop... so little time.  So many tutorials.  So much to learn.

Saucy officially cannot wait to tear apart another wedding gown, refashion it and shoot it.  She now has over ten donations.  Apparently people don't like old wedding gowns kicking around and want to see them in a new light.  

Oh, and we're landscaping.  And who forgot to take "before" pictures of the yard?  This chick.


Amanda Spencer said...

What a beautiful girlie you have! Have fun with the photoshop!

Jaime said...

I can'r believe how many gowns you are getting! I've placed ads in three online locations (craigslist and two local forums) and have only gotten 1 response, but never got the gown! I can't wait to see more of your creations.

Anonymous said...

I put up an ad here in Calgary I would like to take part in the challenge... I got two! They're not so nice but if Saucy had a look a them I'd sure she'd figure it out :P but I will try my best. It's pretty intriguing!

Laura said...

Loopy looks gorgeous and so grown up!