the pettiskirt sisters

Meet the sisters in pettiskirts. Their mama contacted Saucy for a photo session (she and Loopy are getting nicely booked into the summer). There were already four shoots this past week, beginning on Loopy's very first official summer vacation day. There's no rest if you want to pay your own way to Japan.

Mama dressed the trio in their pettiskirts and frilly tops and the rest was easy.

Easy, when two year olds sit still for a moment. They'll do it if they get to wear a princess crown.

Middle siblings are even more cooperative, until they get too pooped to pop for even just one more shot.

In this family, it's the big sister who loves the camera. She could have posed all night, even after the sun went down. She wowed Saucy with her model-style poses.

Saucy attempted an experiment with a handful of glitter or two. It could have gone terribly awry but it worked out for everyone.

We're not so sure of the interior of the family van, however.

Glitter doesn't leave little sticky hands easily on humid summer evenings.

The sisters' mama brought twirly ribbons from the Dollarama with her. They made excellent props.

Loopy has her hands full with photo editing. She's zoned into her pink laptop, working away on Photoshop with One Direction playing to keep her inspired. 

She's working on a very cute shoot with bubblegum and popsicles and lollipops... she's even changing background colours and switching heads and gum bubbles around. You'll see them soon.

Until then, here's hoping a little fairy dust and magic are blown your direction.


Diana said...

Those glitter shots?? AMAZING. All of the photos are lovely, but I ADORE the glitter pictures.

Cassandra said... That lucky mom! Great job Ladies!

Louisa said...

I love the glitter pictures. I bet baby powder would help get glitter off damp hands.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

LOVE the glitter! Forwarding this to a pal of mine with little girls right now!

Kerrie said...

Some of the best you've ever taken, and that's saying quite a lot!

sassy said...

AHHH! I MUST book a session! Please oh please tell me you have room for us!

Kate said...

Sigh...Swoon...Gorgeous girls!!! These are such a treasure Saucy. Once again, perfection.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again! The girls had so much fun and absolutely LOVED looking at the pics of themselves. Jorja kept pointing out to me the ones that she was "modeling" for - Mom, that's the one where I had my arm like this around Ginny...and Mom, that's when I was holding my hands like this....Sheesh!! What a kid! *LOLOL*

~Julie K.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Cannot wait to see ours!!!

The Miller Five said...

Great pictures! You did an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Just LOVE them!!!! Cannot WAIT until our whoot next week!! Dena

3D max course said...

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Jayne in Maine said...

So pretty once again... that glitter picture... I bet it ends up being repinned 1000 times!