mile high meringue

There was some discussion on Facebook today about tackling meringue... Saucy assured a friend not to be afraid of it. After all, it's just eggs beaten into submission. By YOU.

If anything, it's the eggs that should run and hide.

Saucy made a mile-high key lime meringue pie last weekend. She had some of those key limes leftover from the cupcakes. Remember when she called those little key limes peckers?

Here's Saucy's meringue recipe for you to try. It pretty much works every time. Saucy takes her eggs out earlier in the day or even the night before to get the whites to room temperature but if she's being totally honest with you, she forgot to do that a time or two and it didn't even matter. You will need a large heatproof bowl (from your stand mixer if you have one) as well as a hand mixer. Here are the ingredients:

7 large egg whites
3/4 cup white sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt

Okay... here's the thing. Don't be a crazy egg breaker. This isn't the time to get the kids to help you. There can't be a speck of yolk in the whites or they won't beat up properly. The yolk has fat in it and fat + egg white = no meringue.

Saucy breaks her eggs one at a time into a small bowl and double checks each white before pouring it into the bowl of her stand mixer.

Put your mixing bowl into a pot of simmering water on the cooktop. To the egg whites, add the sugar and salt. Using the beating attachment on your hand mixer, start beating the egg whites and sugar until frothy and the sugar is dissolved.

When the mixture reaches that point, remove the bowl from the heat source and continue beating until stiff peaks form.

That's it. Basically Saucy switches from hand mixer to stand mixer... because she's lazy. She could finish the job with the portable mixer. Well, the stand mixer bowl is already dirty so who cares if she has to throw a second beater into the wash?

This recipe makes a good amount of meringue. Immediately mound it by large scoopful onto your pie. Make sure you cover the edges of the pie, right to the crust. Place the pie under the broiler to give the edges a nice browning... this also "sets" the meringue so it will be firm to slice through. Watch it carefully, though. Egg whites and sugar can get exceptionally burned exceptionally quick!

Friends, don't be afraid of meringue. You aren't chicken, are you? Saucy thought not.


Sue said...

Wow! NowTHAT is what I call a meringue pie:) Amazing!

Joni said...

Wow. I have never seen a pie with that much meringue. Wow. Saucy NEVER does anything half way...always over the top and spectacular :)