fun girlies

Fun, girly shoots are... fun!  Saucy just gets a kick out of them.  When the girls are cute and game to try anything, it's even better.

Because man, look at those eyes!  Those eyes won't quit.  Loopy claims they hypnotized her while she was editing.

Saucy thinks it would be hypnotizing to painstakingly change the colour of each and every brick on a wall to coordinate with outfits, but that's Loopy's part of this gig.

To ask your opinion... do you prefer the iPod photo with the girls leaning against each other or whispering to each other?  It's a toss-up for Saucy.

These giant flower props were a cool find.  What else could they possibly be used for than for photos?

The best prop for this shoot... came from Saucy's craft room...

No, they didn't tag the walls.  That's Loopy working her magic again.  But the graffiti below, that was real.  It just so happened to match the girls' outfits... yay!

Saucy is hard-core searching and keeping her eyes peeled for cute props.  She doesn't want too much repetition between photo shoots, but some will be inevitable.  She's now on the lookout for: cute umbrellas, empty frames and small birdcages, and any appropriate container in which to place a newborn baby.  She will beg, borrow and steal.



Kate said...

A friend of mine had her Hubs make her a kind of wodden tree that she loops gorgeous material over and makes a sling for baby. It's to die for. These photos rock, the whisper in the ear iphone photo has to be my fave.

Megan's Cookin' said...

I love all the photos. The girls are just precious!

Sandra said...

Is there any chance you will ever be in Calgary to do a photoshoo?

Stephanie Bishop said...

I have some really cute infant photo props if you need anything(as well as other photo props)
You are welcome to borrow stuff.