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It's that time again - Saucy likes to share the things she's been trying, sampling and exploring with you. She's not advertising, she's just sayin'. She tried it, she liked it.
Loopy picked out four of the new Revlon Lip Butters last weekend. She's pretty smart and readily admitted that the marketing had sucked her in: Emma Stone uses the phrase "lip butter" about seven thousand times in the commercial, and the names of the different shades are just about as enticing as the giant plate of macaroons she appears ready to dive into.

She picked out Cotton Candy, Creme Brulee, Sugar Frosting and Cherry Tart. The colours are sheer and light, seemingly perfect for every skin tone. Consider yourself warned: Saucy will hurt you if you try to wrestle that delicate neutral Creme Brulee stick from her neatly manicured arthritic hands. Hurt you bad.

If you love cooking with olive oil, you must check out the Oliv Tasting Room. Get this - they have three locations, one of them here in Saucy's hometown. The first in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The second, in Scottsdale, Arizona (the Biltmore Fashion Plaza).  They've opened a store on Broadway in Saskatoon... so if you can get into one, check out their plentiful selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. The staff can answer questions about oil and balsamic vinegar the way a good sommelier can discuss wine pairings. You can use flavoured balsamics as a glaze when barbecuing, in vinaigrettes, or on fruit or with fresh bread.

Don't fret if you don't live near one of their stores, you can order online here.

Saucy and Loopy are also into Mio liquid water enhancers. Zero in calories, they're just a little dash of flavour for plain water. Saucy has the peach/mango in her purse and Loopy is fond of the fruit punch. Saucy's not lying when she tells you she had an idea like this a very long time ago (she's not fond of Crystal Light nor those little powdery packets) and it kind of works for her but she'd like to see way more flavours.
Nobody loves doing laundry as much as Saucy does, and a new detergent product will get her heart pumping faster than a fistful of dollars. She tried the new Tide Pods and she would like to report to you that she really likes the scent but she had a problem with the purple side of the packet completely dissolving in the "light load" cycle of her wash. Therefore, consider yourself warned: a light cycle or cold water might not dissolve the pod completely, no matter what the folks at Tide say. But for regular cycles or warm-wash loads, pod away, peeps.

If Amy Sedaris recommends a household product, Saucy's all over it. She's kind of like the Emma Stone of laundry freshener. Saucy had to try the new Downy Unstopables (even though unstoppables should really be spelled with two p's but whatever).

This isn't a fabric softener, it's an in-wash scent booster, which is a fancy way to say perfume for your laundry. The Fresh (blue bottle) really is fresh smelling, the Lush (purple label) is a little too perfumey for Veto's laundry... and Saucy's not really sure about that red one. It doesn't seem to be available in Canada, if at all. Regardless, you don't need many of these little pellets to scent a load of laundry, so go easy on them. They could get a little overpowering if you are heavy-handed. They're also kind of awesome tossed in some less than fresh footwear for a day.

The local Cabela's has opened to much fanfare and Saucy couldn't care less about a hunting and fishing outfitter... until she found out they have a freaking fudge store inside. She rounded the corner last Saturday and ran smack into the glorious counter and its contents and the very next thing Veto knew he was leaving Cabela's about thirty dollars lighter with a couple of pounds of fudge to go. It's deliciously smooth and creamy. Check out Seagull Schmoo (a kind of rocky road flavour) and Snickers (it has little bite-sized Snicker bars on top of each square).

Great. Now Saucy has to start making fudge again.

Check out the cute picture of the fudge! Saucy downloaded the Hipstamatic app and a whole slew of lenses, film and flashes for her iPhone. Phone photography has taken another leap. Digital pictures have never looked so analog. The app itself is only a couple of bucks, film and lens packs are only 99 cents each after that. With the basic app you can take some pretty sweet shots and upload them right to Facebook. Saucy is going to try going on her summer getaway with only her phone to document it!

If you already have some digital shots and want to retroactively add instant nostalgia to them, check out the SwankoLab app. It's "a handheld darkroom for your digital images", this app allows you to give your pictures all sorts of cool treatments. You can agitate your print as it develops, hang it to dry and keep track of your favourite chemical mixtures, just like a real darkroom - but without the smell. And you don't have to worry about anyone opening the door to use the john.

Lastly, we were finally able to catch the premiere of Bunheads on ABC Spark (ABC Family in the US) last night. If you were a fan of Gilmore Girls, check it out. When Saucy first heard about it, just the name of it sounded a little silly but when she heard it was created and written by Amy Sherman-Palladino of GG fame, she gave it a shot - and lurrved it. It's comical but not sappy, with snappy dialogue and some pretty interesting characters. Keep your peepers peeped for old inhabitants of Stars Hollow to pop up in new forms.

That's it for now. Tell Saucy, Dear Reader... because she always likes to know... what are you into right now? Give Saucy a heads-up.


Cassandra said...

Those lip butters are so popular that I can't find them! Gonna get me some! And you saw the pictures of my "mock-tails" using Mio while I was in Texas...Strawberry Watermelon makes the best Cosmo mock-tail!

Jaime said...

I loved this post. Thank you so much. Have DVRed Bunheads and I'm off to the Oliv website... you rock.

MJ said...

Thanks for the Oliv tip! I think this may be the company also on Whoopi Goldberg's fav list! I have to check it out...

Amy Lapinsky said...

I watched the pilot of Bunheads and I think I'm hooked already!

I know you enjoy a great beauty product. Have you tried a Clarisonic (facial cleansing device) yet? I got a Clarisonic Mia (the travel size) over the weekend and it is amazing! I can't remember the last time my skin felt so clean and my make up even seems to go on more smoothly. Well worth every penny!

Kerrie said...

You always have the greatest little lists, keep 'em coming! Thanks.

Karen on Bainbridge Island said...

Bunheads surprised me...I too thought it was terrific and will be watching it. As for those lip butters. ought one two months ago. Immediately went back and bought 4 more, just in case they run out. Hooked.

Angela Watts said...

There are almost a dozen flavors of Mio sold in most stores. Seeing lots of store brand equivalents coming out as well. Love them, not as excited about the zero calorie thing as my husband will not ingest sucralose.

Good to hear about the lip butters. Tried the revlon just bitten stain+balm the other night....hate splurging on a new cosmetic item just to hate it after one use.