{phoning in} chicago

Saucy decided for this quick trip over the weekend to the Windy City, she'd pack light and not lug around her camera. With her cool apps and add-on packs for her iPhone, she reckoned she could document the basics with just the phone camera.

From the moment the outskirts began to appear outside the window of the plane, she was fiddling with filters and lenses, right on her phone.

Veto took her to two Red Sox games. They were visiting Wrigley Field to play the doormats of the National League. Don't get her wrong, Saucy is a bit of a Cubs fan... but the Red Sox trump all in her world so she risked life and limb and wore her Bo Sox jersey to both games. There wasn't too much heckling... although a few people asked Veto how the relationship was holding up.

Vince Vaughn threw out the first pitch on Saturday night. Saucy and Veto had excellent seats... right behind home plate.

Saucy was glad to sit next to this little like-minded fella. He was really into the game and followed every play... he was awesome. Saucy nearly spit out her drink when he leaned over and said "well, that was a colossal choke." It was like sitting next to a mini Ben Affleck.

The next celebrity sighting was seeing the Reverend Jesse Jackson come through the crowd. He worked his way right in front of where Saucy and the little Affleck kid wanted to see and the kid was not amused.

Walking down State Street the next day, Saucy realized that Vince Vaughn was in town for a gig... damn. Some fans at the game mistook Veto for Vince. You remember what Saucy's type is... and Vince is a perennial secret boyfriend around here, so, well.

Good for Saucy.

Saucy was bummed to miss the new Target on State Street - it's not open. It will be nicely broken in by December for Christmas shopping. Only in Chicago could Target occupy such an amazing building.

In the beautiful weather, Saucy and Veto dined al fresco almost exclusively. Saucy adores taking her meals at neighbourhood cafes and delicatessens whenever possible. Nothing fancy... more room for cupcakes that way.

Even drinking water at the table takes on a whole new elegance in Chicago.

The iPhone takes decent tourist shots. The buildings are just beautiful in Chicago... strolling the streets and taking in the architecture has Saucy in her element. She won't bore you with typical vacation shots.

Because, you want to see the cupcakes.

It wasn't near-divorce this time (good thing, because this was an anniversary getaway) but Veto fessed up, the cupcakes at (the ironically named) Forever More Cupcakes might be better than Saucy's.

Um, Saucy begs your pardon?

More about that later. There was no bloodshed, don't you worry your pretty heads about Veto's safety.

Sunday night, game two. Can the Red Sox do it again? Will this relationship survive? Will Veto pay the ultimate price for that cupcake review?

 The blimp sails over the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

After some yummy meals, some cupcakes, a few deadly watermelon martinis, some ball games that were good for Saucy, it was time to blow out of the windy city... until next time.

She got home tonight and had a crack at those cupcakes herself. The deed is done, she'll post them tomorrow. She'll not have Veto living under the false assumption that anyone other than her can satisfy his cupcake needs.

Just sayin'. It did not sit well at all.


Kate said...

Just keeping you on your toes. I have no doubt who will reign supreme.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That kid sounds like a peach!
What a great trip, Saucy.

Anonymous said...

That cupcake remark sounds blasphemous. You might need to withhold (cupcakes) for a while...

Kerrie said...

Did you go to Magnolia?

Also, what did you buy?? I would lurrve to see what came home in Saucy's luggage!!!!

Lisa Russell said...

You are too funny! Will have to check out the cupcake place and the new Target when we go up there in a few months! All Hail Saucy's Cupcakes!!

Sandra D said...

That Veto!! He knows that the best way to get more cupcakes is to issue a challenge. Smart guy! Chicago looks wonderful - glad your team came through.

Chris Dumont said...

Sandra I was thinking the same thing. Nothing like throwing down the gauntlet to make the cupcakes fly!

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