jubilee tea party

Welcome to our tea party to celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was a delicious repast set in the porch on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

There were neapolitan cupcakes and rose macaroons. The cupcakes were strawberry cake topped with tri-flavoured frosting.

Saucy has been busy making macaroons at every opportunity. She's trying to have the same mastery over the macaroon as she has over the cupcake. It ain't easy. She has yet to master a consistency between flavours in piping, shape and baking. Each batch she makes is nice, but they aren't all identical. 

They really need to be identical. These little pistachio guys are cute but they're bite-sized compared to the rose and chocolate ones.

The rose macaroons are beauties. They baked up just right, with a rose petal placed on top before they were set out to harden off. You can read more about Saucy's macaroon adventures here.

Saucy stirs fancy coloured sugars into plain white table sugar when the occasion calls for it. Gold, pale blue and large fancy white crystals really perked up this service.

The Fan used to stir confetti sugar into the sugar bowl when Saucy was growing up. It always seemed so magical.  

The strawberries were giant... the size of small apples. Saucy dipped them in melted milk chocolate chips. She likes the taste and texture of a good quality chip over a craft-store quality candy melt on strawberries.

Finger sandwiches and pinwheel sandwiches filled with cucumber and egg and ham salads are perfect tea party fare.

Saucy took pictures while she rolled up the sandwiches. She'll post those tomorrow.

This party needs a special guest!

Kate had her eye on the cupcakes the entire time. She must have a devil of a sweet tooth.

Saucy needed fancy tea cups and saucers so she whisked through the thrift shop the morning of the tea party - and found this little cup set for five dollars. Don't you love it when that happens?

Are you celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. Saucy won't hold it against you if you aren't.

She's a bit of a monarchist, you know. They really are a good excuse for a party every now and again.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I love these, Saucy. You make everything look so easy breezy. :)

MJ said...

Gorgeous! I'll take your macaroon discards! Just pop them into the freezer for me ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

GREAT party!


Can't wait for the tutorial. Everything looks beautiful and delicious. Love, love the teapot.

Lisa Russell said...

Oh, just love it! I will not attempt those macarons, and have not tasted one yet! And Shut. Up. on finding that cute teapot and teacups!! You are magical -- just like the sprinkle sugar!! xo!