we're into it, for spring

It's really been all Saucy could do for the past couple of weeks, to keep her head above water. After the cheer season ended she decided to tackle as much unfinished business that she'd accumulated (she's not done by a long shot) and also make a dent in her spring cleaning. Thus, tackling a room every day, plus outstanding items on her to-do list have left her little to no time for much else.

Plus, the things she has accomplished have been things she's blogged about before... so there's no point in sharing them again. She made carrot cupcakes and a red velvet bundt cake for Buddy Budderson's birthday. She and Loopy made red velvet cookies on a rainy weekend night. The family requested some secret recipe chicken fingers so she made those too. It's not like she hasn't been super-productive, she just doesn't have anything fun or different to show you.

There are a few new things that Saucy and Loopy have been into these days and here they are... this is what we're into for spring.

Loopy has been keeping her nails manicured in cute funky looks inspired by Cutepolish on YouTube. If you're a subscriber to this channel, you'll find dozens of fun tutorials for painting your nails in various cute themes. Loopy has sported the mustaches, the Converse sneakers and Union Jack nails. As a lefty, she's excellent at painting her right hand nails but sometimes she runs out of steam and wears her left hand with just the base coat so she's been taking a little teasing from Saucy about that.

Saucy finds the voice of the Cutepolish girl hypnotizing but she's not entirely sure it might not be Kim Kardashian. Go... have a listen. It sure sounds like her.

Saucy and Loopy are both digging some new snack foods around here. It started with Jazz Apples, which are a cross between Braeburn and Gala varieties, imported from New Zealand. Jazz apples are tart and sweet and have a super crunchy texture. They're kind of like an overgrown crabapple but not quite as tart.

The apple obsession quickly moved to the delicious Pink Lady variety. The Pink Lady is described as "having a distinctive blush and a tart, champagne-like burst of flavour."

Good Lord, those apples are delicious.

After all that apple-snacking, Saucy felt for some chocolate so she's been sneaking handfuls of chocolate covered acai. She found this brand at Costco. She's not going to lie, they're not actual dipped berries, they're some sort of gummy candy made with blueberry and acai juice dipped in dark chocolate... but they are delicious.  Just don't expect them to be like a chocolate-covered raisin, because they're not.

Hint: pop one of these little chocolate balls into your mouth and let the dark coating melt off the candy centre before chewing... you'll be hooked.

The spring cleaning on Saucy's agenda has everything in her domain smelling fresh and clean but the laundry room is particularly yummy right now since she switched over to Nellie's Laundry Soda.

Yes, it's biodegradable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic and all of that stuff, if it's important to you. Saucy bought it because the packaging was cute. Enough said. After she used it, she was hooked on the fresh scent. It really smells like the laundry was hung outdoors to dry.

Saucy spent an entire day steam cleaning all the little scatter rugs and runners in the house with Veto's Little Green cleaner. He bought it to clean the upholstery in his vehicle and Saucy keeps finding other uses for it. It's quick to set up and kind of disgusting when you realize how dirty things got over the winter.

While doing the cleaning, Saucy has been listening to playlists on the downloaded 8-Tracks app on her iPhone. Unlike Pandora which uses algorithms to generate playlists, 8-Tracks features music compiled by users, streaming playlists featuring eight or more songs. You can download the app or listen online here.

Most of the playlists that Loopy has liked feature boy band sensation One Direction. Loopy has One Direction fever, and it has hold of her badly... as in, she talks about them quite a bit. Quite a lot, actually. It's going to be a long summer.

With the spring cleaning behind her, Saucy can focus on her unfinished tasks and get some new projects started. Tell us, Dear Reader... what are you into these days?


Diana said...

Much like Loopy, I've been really into nail polish lately. I've followed Cutepolish for awhile now, but really I just enjoy all of the awesome colors and glitters coming out now... especially the handmade kind! Definitely my latest obsession :)

Heather F. said...

Oh the Jazz apples are sooo good! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a fan.

Kim @ Vintage Pretties said...

Wait, does One Direction mean that the Jonas Brothers are a thing of the past? Did I miss that she had moved on?

Saucy said...

The Jo Bros are still numero uno but they've not released an album for quite some time and 1D has been filling the void around here. If the Bros don't get busy and drop a new CD, all might be lost. Veto's retirement plan might end up being frittered away on a new pastime :P

Kate said...

It is time consuming but Loopy should try the water marble technique. Super cute and WAY impressive!!!

Mairead said...

Take your time and recover! Running a team is crazy stressful.

Do you dip your apples or just eat them plain, OOC?

Saucy said...

No, we don't dip our apples. At this time of year, anyway. In the fall I love dipping apples in candy, caramel or chocolate... but these are so yummy by themselves!

Loopy said...


Saucy said...

That's Holy Moses to you, missy.