training wheels

Today was one of the first truly nice days of the year so Saucy prevailed upon Loopy to gussy herself up for a photo shoot. She was dying to have a go with the new 50 mm lens Veto gave her last week for her birthday.

It was time to upgrade to a basic portrait lens. Eventually most hobby photographers outgrow the kit lens that comes with their digital SLR camera and what at first felt like a very professional contraption was fast becoming a bulky point-and-shoot. Saucy was also becoming a tad lazy using the zoom feature on the kit lens and acquiring a prime lens now means that she has to frame her subjects a little more carefully.

Originally she thought that an 85 mm lens was what she wanted for portraits but trusty Veto did the legwork and went with the 50 mm f/1.4 instead.

As she edited the pictures from today, Saucy thought back to Loopy's first photo shoot, when she was just one year old:

Loopy has always been a beautiful subject who has enjoyed donning a jaunty chapeau.

Some things never change. Pink hats and sweet girls in floral print dresses... they are always a crowd pleaser.

Saucy has some practicing to do with her new lens. Prime lenses (as opposed to zoom lenses) have fixed focal lengths, meaning they have a shallower depth of field. With a fixed focal length, you can't rely on just shooting away and editing your work later. It's a different way of thinking about your photos.

This lens absolutely gobbles up the light - hence there will be much less shooting in AUTO mode around here, and it's about time.

Of course, you can still have fun in your editing suite later.

One of the beautiful things this lens offers is the diffusion of the background - the bokeh.

Do you notice Loopy's little pinup curl on her forehead? She's thinking of rocking this style and a bit more of a retro look sometimes.

You know, it's amazing to a young lady develop her own sense of style. What influences it, what she is attracted to in the shops. It might be time to introduce her to proper vintage clothing.

And so, Saucy is invigorated about taking portraits and possibly trying some food photography with her new lens. She has to get back to the basics and learn a few skills that were un-learned over the past few years. Gladly, it's sort of like riding a bike.

She's not afraid to fall down trying.


the-nail-gal said...

Awe my darling Loopy. Such a gorgeous girlie :) love u ladies

Mrs. G. said...

Sweet photos with your sweet birthday lens, Saucy! Loopy is beautiful.

Vanessa {V.W. Photography} said...

Way to go Veto!!! I love my 50mm too!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Just thinking how cool it is for you to have a model for your photography and for Loopy to have a photographer for her modeling. You do good work together.

MJ said...

Gorgeous photos! I especially like the "aged" photos so that they look vintage. The bike was a great prop choice. I think a more vintage shoot is next with a retro up-do!

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

seriously a gorgeous subject to photograph, excellent work.

Kerrie said...

I can't wait to see some more fabulous Loopy (and cheerio) photo shoots over the summer, keep them coming! They inspire me to try my own with friends.

Katha said...

Gosh she is beautiful as always :)

You two rock.

pigsathome said...

She is breathtaking.

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

She is such a beauty!! Love the styling!