{fifty years}

On the May long weekend of 1962, The Fan married The Secret Weapon. This weekend, the family celebrated!

For their wedding, The Secret Weapon wore a hand-tailored suit by Barney Kutz. The Fan wore a silky gown and most importantly, a tiara upon her head fashioned by The Secret Weapon himself.

Over the long weekend in 2012, Loopy donned the gown and the tiara to celebrate her grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary.

Oddly, the gown had gone missing for many years and only made its way back to The Fan very recently. It has a history of being "something borrowed" by many brides so when it found its way home, Saucy was glad to clean it and steam it up for Loopy to try it on. 

How strange that it should fit her just so. Had she only worn the tiniest kitten heel with the dress, it was daresay perfect.

And it a strange coincidence, the neighbour across the street had his 1962 vehicle out to enjoy the spring weather. Saucy didn't even realize it was from 1962... but the neighbour willingly pulled it around and offered it for photographs.

He said the car was probably happy to have a vintage beauty to pose with! 

Here, Loopy evokes Kate Middleton as she and Wills drove the Mall in London after their wedding, don't you agree? Surely because The Fan's wedding style was so timeless. 

Wave to the adoring crowds, Loopy!

Saucy slipped on the dress that The Fan wore to her prom that was later worn by her bridesmaid. It's a treat to have both gowns together where they belong.

Plus, they make this spectacular swishy motion when you wear them. Saucy's not going to lie. She didn't want to take it off. Veto lived up to his nickname, vetoing her idea to wear it to the theatre to see Dark Shadows that night. 

It's rare, but when Veto exercises his authority, he's almost always right. It would have been too much for the cineplex.

Maybe without the hat and flowers, it would have been okay.

The less glamorous part of the celebration occurred beforehand... Saucy and her older brother (and his wife, Darling) making hundreds of varenyky (that's what our people call them, but your people might call them perogies). The kitchen was stifling hot as pots were boiling the little dough dumplings filled with potato and cheese, cottage cheese, or Saskatoon berries. 

Champagne and beer kept the cooks cool.

You must pinch the dough closed so carefully that the filling doesn't spill out when boiling. Saucy might make another batch later this week, Buddy Budderson wants more. There might be a recipe and tutorial coming your way.

Served warm, with melted butter. Yikes! Saucy does not want to tell you how much butter she and her brothers cooked with this weekend. 

Butter slathered on the varenyky.
Butter in the vegetable borscht (made with dill, no beets).
Buttered bread.
Butter in the cake.
Buttercream icing.

Wait... is this a celebration of marriage, or of butter?

Decorating the cake. Documenting it with Instagram. Even the mundane looks fabulous on Instagram.

This cake was featured on My Sweet & Saucy quite some time ago. You can find links to a YouTube tutorial there... it's easy.

Saucy fashioned a cake topper from a copy of a full-length wedding photo. She perched it upon a ribbon rosette and hot glued it to a short wooden dowel.

But it absolutely looks groovier on Instagram:

Before the party, the gowns were hung in the foyer.

Veto brought fifty roses for his in-laws... because he's kind like that. There were some left for the party, too. They just happened to match the bridesmaid's gown.

 Welcome to the party! The Fan... and Loopy, fifty years later.

The photo banner was a hit! Snapshots were simply clothes-pinned to a gold ribbon. The Fan had no idea Loopy had donned the gown for pictures.

Cheers! Congratulations to The Fan and The Secret Weapon on fifty wonderful years together!

*clinking glasses*


Kate said...

This whole post just gave me chills. What a beautiful celebration of love!

MJ said...


What a wonderful celebration! It was great to see J. had donned an apron to make (perogies)!

Jill said...

Congratulations to The Fan & The Secret Weapon! I loved this post-- that first photo of Loopy took my breath away... so beautiful! Oh, and I'm totally in love with that prom dress-- you rocked it!

Kerrie said...

Loopy's most gorgeous shoot, ever. And there have been many.

Mixmaster Gal said...

I am in love with those pictures! She is flawless.

Congrats to your fam!


OurGangof7 said...

I love this post. What a beautiful idea to wear the dresses and how amazing they were both perfect fits. I think it is wonderful how 50 years later everything is still perfect. Congratulations on 50 wonderful years Secret Weapon and the Fan!!

Christina said...

Simply beautiful!!! Every single picture. Way to go to your parents on 50 years! Here's to 50 more!!

Leica Forrest said...

your parents are such simply wonderful people that it is awesome to see them celebrate such a precious milestone together. the photoshoot rocked! I agree_finest one yet! and you just rock!as always with all your special touches.

karen said...

congrats to your parents - I love the picture of the two of them - it looks like it was truly a lovely party!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that was sweet. I pinned that cake I hope you don't mind!

Lisa Russell said...

Congratulations to them both!! What an accomplishment -- 50 years! Beautiful!! We make pierogies, but fry them. Look forward to your recipe - and include that drink recipe at the end too!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

50! Bravo to them! Looks like you celebrated them in style.

mamaluke said...

how wonderful!!!! just had to comment as I'm such a lurker! The dresses looked stunning and what a great way to celebrate a marriage. Bless you all xx

Deb Kennedy said...

I am late to the party, but wanted to send my congratulations to your parents! Happy Anniversary to The Secret Weapon and The Fan (who has always been such a darling commenter on my blog!) <3 May they have many more happy years together....

Michaele said...

The groom MADE her tiara...now *that* is s-w-o-o-n-w-o-r-t-h-y!

Your family has such a beautiful story. As always, thank you for sharing!