post feminist sandwiches

This weekend while some of Saucy's more thoughtful and intellectual peeps were busy protesting The Masters' golf tournament - due to the fact it is held at the Augusta National Golf Club which is a men's only club - Saucy was in the kitchen making her annual sandwich creation for Veto and his friends to enjoy while watching the play.

Saucy cranked the tunes while she worked and she pondered the idea of women not being able to tee off on the fabled links. She sort of has mixed feelings about the whole thing. Of course, she's all about equality and the idea of women not being allowed to play irked her... but that's just sort of the way it's always been. 

Saucy knows that the roots of feminism are deeply rooted in thousands of years of history and all sorts of twisted sociological ideals... but feminism is really, when you get right down to it... about choice

To put it simply, the fight for equal rights between men and women - as layered as it is - is not just about equal pay for equal work or shattering some invisible glass ceiling. It is about women having the same choices as men. To choose to work or to stay home. To choose to pursue the same career. To choose what you want on your sandwich.

Hold up.

Well, right there and then, Saucy decided not to give the men watching the Master's a choice in sandwiches like she's done in previous years. It was time to send them her choice. It was time to narrow their options a little.

Because if you're up and at it in the kitchen on a Sunday morning making twenty eight sandwiches for your husband's friends, you have some serious self-evaluating to do.

Besides, a delicious sandwich is a delicious sandwich. Some guys just have it too easy. Why throw a bunch of options at them?

Saucy turned to Mistress-of-the-Universe, Oprah Winfrey. She called up Oprah's Love Sandwich recipe that she makes herself for Steadman on the weekends. If Oprah, Queen of All Media and Influencer of Society can slip off her shoes and make a sandwich for her fella, purely out of love, then why can't Saucy?

Saucy basically followed the Love Sandwich recipe to a tee but she added an ingredient that most men can't resist. She's not talking about double the salary for the same job. She's talking about grilled red pepper.

By cutting and grilling the peppers the night before while making supper, Saucy ensured they were ready to go for Sunday sandwiching. After the peppers (doused in olive oil) are softened on the grill and the skin has slightly charred, remove from heat. While still warm, you can easily slip the skins away from the meat of the pepper.

Using a sharp, wide blade, angle cut the pepper pieces into thin slices - as thin as you can make. They will be soft, oily and squishy. Set aside for sandwich assembly.

On Sunday morning, Saucy prepared her own version of a Subway restaurant counter in her kitchen. Everything she needed for the gentlemen's snack was ready: basil leaves, sauteed scallions, the pepper, sliced avocado and tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, and three pounds of shaved smoked turkey.

It's my choice to make these sandwiches, Saucy thought as she laid out the sliced artisan breads. I love feeding Veto and his friends. Hell, even Oprah stands around and concocts a great sandwich for her man.

Twenty eight sandwiches might be an entirely different matter altogether. Sending them to a Man Shack to watch a male-dominated sport take place at a no-females-allowed club is probably even worse but Saucy just had to shake it off.

When she gets cooking, she just can't get too caught up in these things. It's just a damned sandwich, isn't it? It's not the be-all-and-end-all of modern feminism.

Every sandwich got some fresh basil, some scallions and avocado. She knew that might not sit well with all of the men... but too bad. It's time someone played with half the population and said, here's your sandwich, take it or leave it.

What's that, you say? You don't like avocado? Well, Saucy's peeps can't join the Freemasons and you don't hear them bitching about it! 

Saucy's hardly the Susan Faludi of the sandwich world. She's just a simple girl who decided to make sandwiches for her husband and his friends. 

But, just to prove her point, she sent them over to the Man Shack tied up and uncooked. The men would have to operate the panini machine all by themselves if they wanted to enjoy hot, fresh sandwiches.

That'll show them.

Every revolution continues with baby steps, right?


MJ said...

Somehow, change in this world always evolves around some man's stomach.

You met them over half-way by an assembled but unfinished panini.

You did it your way. (Cue Sinatra here, please!)

Mrs. G. said...

Sweet mercy those look good, you rebel.

Stef said...

Did not know it was a man club at that golf course. Thanks for the education!

Sandra D said...

Love how you can wrap equality, Oprah, golf & sandwiches all in one blog!

Kimberley said...

Way to show em' who's boss! I bet they were all over that panini machine, lol.
As for Augusta, my theory is it isn't all that bed to send your man to spend his day hanging out with only other men.

Cassandra said...

I'm a pretty feminist kinda gal, but I just have no problem with men only clubs...but I'd like some equal opportunity discrimination, like can we kick all men off Pinterest? It's getting out of control now with all the pictures of manly things!

Lucia said...

I have a couple of comments:

1. Wrt feminism being about choice, that is not necessarily true. Notice that almost NO men have the choice to stay home, but women have that choice. Individuals' choices are also heavily influenced by culture, upbringing and economic status--they are not free and/or independent by any means.

2. To deal with men you need to make sure you have their respect. One of the best ways to make sure they don't respect you is to make them sandwiches. In the male hierarchy that is a sign of submission. Don't do it if you want respect--men will assume that your place in the hierarchy is in a servant role. If you don't want to be a servant, don't act like one.

Men are not like women. They are totally hierarchical pack creatures. Their brains don't work as well when they get older. Don't expect them to be logical and compassionate like women. Make sure they respect your place on the totem pole and reserve making sadnwiches for your female friends, as they will interpret the gesture properly.

Maybe we should make our own Augusta, with better food, nicer facilities and lots of good looking men as wait staff? What do y'all think? (:

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