don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened

Yesterday was the annual team windup for The Cheerios. They celebrated a long and successful season together. 

Saucy likes to present each team member with a token to remember their experience with. In 2010, she made each girl a personalized charm bracelet. Last year, everyone got a hand stitched teddy bear.

This year... this year Saucy was a little short on time. It seemed like this year was more effort for her in every single way: more fundraising, there was an out of town trip, there were more competitions than before. Saucy just plump and plain found herself a little short on the time required to execute some of the cute ideas she had... so she's saving them for next year. 

Saucy made up cute cards and wrote each girl a personal note inside. She presented each athlete with a pair of cupcake earrings nestled in a tiny tin of yellow cupcake sprinkles. 

It was sweet. Just a small token, but very sweet all the same.

The entire windup went as it usually does. The team meets at a local photo studio for team and individual pictures. If you live in Saskatoon, Picture Perfect is a great spot to take a team or group for shots. They have a brand new white studio and it looked great with the girls' bright new uniforms.

Yes, these are the proofs. Don't judge. Saucy just got these today and she's only started going through them to place the order. They're all so darn cute, it's impossible to decide.

Don't you agree?

Anyway, Saucy has this team windup thing down to a science. The kids all want to show up for pictures and nobody wants to miss the party - and Saucy needs the uniforms back - so she plans it all for the same day. You show up, get your picture taken, hand your uniform back and then the party starts. This year we ended up at a local ice cream parlour enjoying a specially blended green and yellow ice cream... it was delicious.  Saucy made a little speech and handed out the treats, and that was that.

And just like that, it was over. Yes, there are loose ends to tie up for Saucy. She has to do the bookkeeping, fill out school paperwork, hand in her keys, order the pictures, get the jackets, give some awards in June, and of course, plan for next year. The last year. 

The last year... it's going to be huge. It's going to be epic. It's going to have her so busy, Saucy's going to get blog posts ready during the off season!

To everyone who supported The Cheerios this season, thank you! Now let's have a little break and do something completely different, shall we?


Jerri-Lea said...

All those girls are so lucky to have you as their coach!! You are an amazing person, I would be honored if my daughters had you to encourage, guide and teach them all that you have these young ladies, on and off the mat! Here's to their final year!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glad it was a swell season!

MJ said...

Congrats to another successful (albeit exhausting) year! The team photos turned out great but my favourite? The last one of you & Loopy! One day she'll truly appreciate what you have done for her!

matgrif said...

Looking forward to see what you pull out of your "surprise box" for next year. I enjoy all of your posts and pictures...the years are flying by. :0)

Kerrie said...

You do such nice things for those kids! I hope they did something nice for you.