recovery time

The Cheerios competed at the provincial championship over the weekend. They did extremely well, placing second in the Senior Level 2 division. They missed first place by a half of one percent.


Saucy's biggest regret is that she didn't get a photo of the girls with their medals to show you. If one pops up, she'll share it here with you soon.

Regardless, she was thrilled with their performance and more importantly, their behaviour on and off the mat. They were the embodiment of dedication, spirit and team work. They were gracious in victory and defeat at every turn. Last week, they were thrown new skills to learn in order to be competitive over the weekend and they volunteered for a three hour practice on a school holiday to master everything before competition.

Now that the cheer season is over, Saucy needs a small rest. Make it a large rest. She will be away from the blog this week recharging her batteries. (No doubt, planning the bows, uniforms and routine for next year in the back of her mind)... in the meantime she plans to pour herself a nice beverage and put up her sore feet. The amount of work that goes into a successful season is mind-boggling. To every coach of every team, Saucy wishes you a restful off-season. Just getting your team through the season is an accomplishment, it really doesn't matter if you win a trophy at all.

See you next week!


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Congrats on a great season! And now, enjoy some R & R!!

MJ said...

You deserve the R&R! Pour yourself a couple Saucitinis!