green and gold week

Here are The Cheerios in their spanky new yellow uniforms at last night's City Cheerleading Championship. Aren't they the cutest? You bet they are.

They placed fourth overall in the whole city. Do you remember when they made bows for the team that lost some members last week? That team beat us for a third place spot last night. It must have been the bows, we passed them some of our magic! We're super happy for them, though. To have such a rough go of it and rise up with half a team at the end of the season... it was amazing to witness!

One of the best parts of this season so far is that every team in the city has won something somewhere. The winning pie has been cut up pretty evenly and everyone has had a taste. That means we're all pretty evenly matched and it's a good thing. It keeps everyone on their toes.

These are the new cheer bows Saucy made for The Cheerios. Also super cute, right? Tutorial to come... soon. Not this week. Not during Green and Gold Week. Saucy has too much on her plate with the Provincial Championships coming up on the weekend. She's not planning to finish fourth there, no sir.

Saucy made a variation of the traditional black and white iced cookie in green and gold. She was inspired by a recipe from the Today show... and it was okay. But she's not sharing it with you because, it was only okay. She should have used her own glaze recipe because this one was too thick. She'll revisit the whole black and white cookie idea another time and share the results with you then. In the meantime, these were nice to have around in the dressing room.

The Cheerios gave dipped pretzel rods to the Green team from our school. They compete at Level 3 (the Cheerios at Level 2) - and they nailed it last night, bringing the City Championship home to Aden Bowman for the first time in the history of ever.

Because city competitions aren't divided by level, our school's teams had to compete against each other. The Cheerios were thrilled that if they had to get beaten it was by friends. You always want to play with friends, and lose to friends.

Saucy's going to say it again... win.  It was another win for The Cheerios, no matter what the scoresheets say.


Anonymous said...

Total win for your girls again. They're learning valuable lessons about life beyond the gym from you.

(un)Deniably Domestic said...

Go cheerios! Our cheeries are gearing up for competition next week. We are very excited! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Mrs. G. said...

I am always rooting for the Cheerios. Good work, women!

Kerrie said...

Well those cookies still look fabulous... but so do the Cheerios!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Any team wearing green & gold is solid gold in my book:) Hooray for the Cheerios!

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

I love the bows!
:) The girls have a pretty uniform as well!
YAY! for the win!

MJ said...

Love the new bows! Go Bears!