red velvet cookies

Do you remember baking cookies a very long time ago using cake mix? Later, we altered that recipe to make a version of the sweet ginger cookies Saucy had at the spa. Cake box cookies are an old standby. The kids love to make them and even if you're running low on time you can still whip them out for lunch time or after school. That is, if you have some cake mixes on hand.

Saucy's no stranger to using a cake mix, you know that. Sometimes those little boxes are a good bouncing off point for doing something else. You don't just have to follow package directions and make the same old boring cake.

Not that there's anything wrong with cake. Not when you can have... cookies.

This weekend Saucy broke into the pantry to bake up some red velvet cookies using... red velvet cake mix. It's not easy to get your hands on, especially in this neck of the woods. Saucy has friends smuggle it home from holidays and she herself stashed six boxes in her luggage at Christmas. She knows she's able to get some more shortly so she was feeling flush with riches on Sunday when she decided to make some cookies.

If you can get your mitts on some red velvet cake mix, it makes a delicious cookie. Not too crispy and not too soft. The trick to getting a really pretty cookie is to scoop it onto your baking sheet with the smallest baking scoop you can find. Perfect, round balls of dough with the chips pressed on top before baking will work out just right.

Saucy's old boxed cake mix recipe is basically always the same: one box of cake mix, one half cup of butter and two eggs, mixed together. How simple is that?

After scooping, dot with chocolate chips, white baking chips or both. You can roll the balls in sugar or sprinkles for different effects.

Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. Cool to set.

The only hard part will be trying not to eat them when you have to put them in boxes for friends.


The Miller Five said...

Yum! Those look delicious!

Anonymous said...

Yum!! I was just thinking this morning - 'what kind of cookies should I bake for the kids' lunches this week?" Now I know - I will not have beautiful red velvet ones - but they will still be good! Thanks Saucy!! Dena

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I adore The Cake Mix Doctor. I never ate a recipe out of it that turned out bad.

Pepper said...

They were yummy! Macy shared which was nice!!

MJ said...

What a sweet idea & the boxes to accompany them as well!

CuteStuffInside said...

I always have some Duncan Hines Red Velvet mixes on hand - I've got to try this!

Anonymous said...

oh your cake mix cookies are the best I remember trying them when you put them up a few years back. I'm glad you posted them again because I couldn't remember if it was two or three eggs and I couldn't find it when I looked back!!


Sunshine said...

I made these practically exact same cookies for a friend last week! They are also fabulous with a tad bit of cream cheese frosting spread on the top!