The Spice Girls (Cheerios) hit the road early this morning... in fact, they slept over last night just to make sure they'd all arrive at school together today. It's too bad there was no paparazzi to greet them. They really committed to their parts - check out the platform shoes and Loopy's red hair.

It's also too bad that Snookie was home with the flu, she was slated to be Scary Spice and trust Saucy on this one... if there were every any roles that were typecast, this group is it.

Pictured: JWOWW as Sporty Spice, Beegie as Baby Spice, Loopy as Ginger Spice, and Mayhem as Posh. 

Saucy hopes your Halloween is more treats than tricks, that you are able to turn off your lights early and consume your favourite of the bite-sized candy bars out of your children's bags after they've fallen asleep in a sugar-induced coma.

If you're looking for an explanation for Saucy's absence, here it is.

Yes, she knows this is not rocket surgery or brain science. This is only cheerleading tryouts at one tiny school in one medium-sized town. But it matters, to almost eighty girls.

Can you believe it? Eighty. (Oh, and even during the writing of this post Saucy is fielding text messages from parents who wonder if it's not too late for their kid to come out today - on the last day - as they were away for the first two days...)

Some hearts will be broken. It is inevitable and Saucy cannot prevent the tears that might be shed. Saucy worries about the mothers who may have to deal with the disappointment and drama after school on Friday. All of the consoling ice-cream sundaes that have to be made after supper.

Because, it's not fair to make everyone wait over the weekend to see if they've made the team. It really should be posted by the end of school day tomorrow. Then all of the tears, the disappointment and the fussing can be behind everyone when classes meet on Monday morning. Hopefully.

Saucy is faced with the age-old dilemma of choosing who to take with her on a pretty amazing journey and who might get left behind. The reason she does not take these things lightly is this: if someone says it's just cheerleading tryouts, it won't change the rest of your life... they're wrong. Dead wrong.

For the girls who make the team, they will learn leadership skills that will help them in the classroom and later on in their careers. Kids who participate in school activities and sports statistically perform better in academics (even cheerleaders) and Saucy wants as many girls possible to have the leg-up. Those who make the team will learn valuable lessons about setting goals, meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles. They will travel. They will make friends for life.

They might, like Saucy, take to it so much that they grow up and become teachers and coach teams of their own. Like Saucy, they might look up one day so far into the future that their teams are competing against teams being coached by kids they coached. It's like, the circle of life or something. Only not quite as deep as that.

What Saucy really means is, she worries about the kids that get left behind. She doesn't want one deserving soul to miss out on the opportunities - or the friends.

Hell, she's not even talking about the cupcakes.  The cupcakes are a whole other story. Let's not talk about learning entrepreneurial skills, handling money, budgeting, customer service and the simple tasks of wielding a pastry bag and scooping batter.

So, wish her luck, people. She's facing an unpleasant task. She has actually had sleepless nights this week... when she closes her eyes she sees those eager faces. She's not even lying. She actually sees them. She's been tossing and turning. She can only hope she does the right thing by everyone, if it's possible.

It's going to be a very long evening.

it's that time of year again

It's... Cheerio cupcake time! Tryouts for the team are this week. Saucy's not sure how many kids will try out for the sixteen-or-so available spots. The girls who make the team will be practicing, cheering, and of course, cupcaking like crazy.

Saucy filled two or three little cupcake orders by herself this week to get some seed money for the year. Butter, flour and sugar doesn't grow on trees you know! Leica ordered some Red Velvet and some Cheery Cherry Lemonade - she hauled them all the way to Toronto. Sarge's mom ordered some Classic Vanilla Birthday cupcakes - and that was enough short profit for Saucy to bankroll the supplies needed for the first big event of the season:

Local peeps, mark your calendars! The Cheerios sold out in three hours last year so you might want to get there early. They can make a few more for each sale this year, now that Saucy has another baking area downstairs... but still. If you want the Cheerios to set aside a selection for you, just leave a comment or email Saucy at sasha{dot}libby{at}shaw{dot}ca.

Available at the Dalmeny sale: Red Velvet, Double Chocolate, Oreo, Sprinkles Signature, S'mores, Candy Cane Craze, Grasshopper, Dirty Blonde, Classic Vanilla Birthday, and special editions for that event only: Superkid, Choco-Cherry and the Dalmeny Breakfast Special.

So cute... You. Will. Die.

what girls like

Saucy knows what girls like! Girls like freshly painted, sparkly hotel-style bathrooms!

Girls like jars filled with soft fluffy cotton pads for taking off eye makeup.

Girls like gentle, fresh smelling skincare products at the ready.

 Girls like hand soaps and hand lotions that smell like baking.

Girls like retro styled goodies from Soap & Glory.

Girls like sparkly little chandeliers hanging over wide, curved shower curtains.

Girls like having handy supplies like cotton swabs and makeup sponges.

Girls like it when the tissue is folded over, not under! Girls especially like a dart fold finish.

Girls like waste baskets that have style but are easy to keep clean!

 Girls like little tables next to the bathtub to hold candles, scents and washcloths.

Girls like embroidered bumblebees on bath sheets and hand towels.

Girls like old fashioned medicine chest for holding excess tubes, jars and bottles.

Yes, Girls like Love's Baby Soft.
Girls like Bliss body scrubs and lotions.
Girls like Khiel's shampoos and conditioners.

Girls like extra storage under the vanity for linens. Saucy would like some time tomorrow to touch up the funny little chips in the dark finish.

Girls like elegant wall sconces with crystals and a foxy metal shade. Saucy would like it if it worked. Yes, she put a bulb in it. Yes, she got another bulb and tried it. Now she's just going to have to like waiting for Handyman to fix it.

And that's what girls like Saucy and Loopy like.

awkwardly, footloose

It took Saucy a couple of days to process what she saw over the weekend and to come to terms with the fact that she rather enjoyed it.  Normally she doesn't like anyone messing with her vintage teen years, her eighties, her time.  She enjoys the memories faded and a little blurry, as if taken with a Polaroid and left to turn vague and yellow on a bulletin board.

She was fairly sure that she was not going to enjoy Footloose, the remake, as she somewhat fondly recalled the Footloose of her youth:

See?  A little faded, no worse for the wear.  Readily available for viewing any given Sunday afternoon on a movie channel.  Just a tad preachy but entertaining.

And then she saw a poster for the new version, all crisp and hi-def and such and she thought for a moment... she wasn't ready for a change.  She thought at first that the poster looked like it should say Footloose Two: Dirty Havana Nights.

But when faced with the eventuality of the show opening last weekend, she examined her feelings closer.  She attempted to ferret out the root of her fears and it was this:

Her teen years, all angst-ridden and awkward, were... awkward.  They were documented in film by John Hughes and Saucy was no Molly Ringwald.

She was kind of the other, awkward girl.  More awkward than that.  Weren't we all, Dear Reader? 

So on Friday night, Saucy and Loopy headed to the Cineplex and poor Loopy suffered as Saucy waxed enthusiasm about how, in 1984, she was also in eleventh grade and saw the original Footloose. And the awkward memories came flooding after that:

But, Dear Reader, the more some things may be the same, the more some things might in fact change. 

For instance, Ren does not dance with a cigarette or get out of his car with a beer.  In the new version, Ren doesn't say pansy.  Oh, and they cut that whole book-burning bit out.  Nobody wants to talk about censorship, dammit!  This is a movie about dancing!

But there are still some deliciously awkward moments.  Awkward moments for a new generation!

This may not be a movie that defines Loopy's generation. In a laughable Google moment, Saucy found the phrase "Footloose is the seminal movie of the eighties" and she is unsure if that is true.

But, it was 1984 and Saucy was in eleventh grade and when she saw it, the music was awesome (she thought at the time) and that was enough for her. Hell, she was no Molly Ringwald and she was no movie critic, either.

So in 2011, Saucy returned to the theatre, prepared to be disappointed but she wasn't. She went with Loopy, who is in eleventh grade, who thought the music was awesome, and she also lurrved it.

Five magical, marshmallowy choke-on-the-glitter-in-your-mouth cupcakes!  Cast aside your fears of the remake and enjoy it.

Oh, and PS: Saucy made Loopy watch the original version tonight.  Not as good as she remembered, but plenty, plenty awkward.