team effort

This Saturday, the Cheerios had their first cupcake sale in an actual shopping mall. It was a little nerve-wracking, trying to figure out how many cupcakes to make for that kind of event. Saucy figured it would be pretty busy, being a nice suburban shopping centre - a couple of weeks before Christmas and all. She wanted to make and sell as many cupcakes as possible, without having leftovers.

Leftovers, although they've never happened to us, would not be cool.

What would you do with leftover cupcakes other than eat them?

There were some delicious new varieties, however. The Vanilla Snowball. Those went fast.

The Nanaimo Bar cupcakes were a hit, also.

We always make Grasshoppers and they always sell well.

The Saturday Special was new, the Reese Lover's cupcake: chocolate topped with vanilla buttercream, a Hershey square, chocolate shavings, Reese's Pieces and a miniature Reese's peanut butter cup. We don't usually do anything with peanut but we had some requests so we tried it, and yes, it was also a hit.

The Red Velvets were dressed for the holidays with jaunty, fat little marshmallow gingerbread boys that hitched a ride home from Chicagoland Target with Saucy.

The Salted Caramels were new and they were delicious. So we were told. We didn't get to try any, they sold so fast.

By popular demand, the Breakfast Special made one more appearance this year.

Thankfully, we had all hands on deck Friday night - baking, frosting, decorating and counting. The counting usually trips us up. Don't laugh... *insert cheerleader joke here*.

What are The Cheerios learning by cupcaking? They are learning to be self-sufficient, that things like trips and competitions and uniforms won't just be handed to them because they're so cute. They're learning valuable skills in the kitchen (measuring, finishing, planning, presentation). They're gaining entrepreneurial skills and how to deal with customers. They have to count cash and make change - and on Saturday they even had to go to the bank to change in large bills for smaller ones.

Lastly, it's all about teamwork. A bake sale of this proportion will only work if every single girl comes out and helps out. This is not just a bake sale, people. This is a life lesson, with frosting.

The traditional "money shot" is the best part of the day. The table was empty - not a crumb in sight - in under three hours. In fact, the Cheerios are invited back on December 22nd for another kick at this cupcake and Saucy is left to wonder... how many to make for that event?

On Saturday they pushed 600 cupcakes, but many of them were pre-ordered and picked up at the mall. But, the 22nd is a Thursday and we can be at the mall from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM if we so wish.

So, any suggestions? Saucy will make you eat the leftovers, if there are any.


MJ said...

What valuable life lessons they are getting! Plus becoming pros at cupcakes!

Jill said...

Bravo!!! I'm and your cheerios are amazing. Seriously. I would love to see how you transport all those!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed. Those cupcakes are so amazing! You do such a great job designing them...they are mini works of art! I can't imagine making 600 cupcakes! Have you ever posted the process?
Those young women are so lucky to have you in their lives. It does take a village and we can all learn from you.
Thank you from a "villager".

Kim said...

Wow.Wow.Wow. Your Cheerios definitely should be proud of themselves, to make & sell that many cupcakes of that caliber. I would have bought a dozen at $2 each -- what a bargain!

Sandra D said...

What a great coach you are! Your girls are learning so many great life lessons. Good luck with your next sale. I bet you will sell even more. People get desperate as the big day gets closer.

Grace said...

Whoo Hoo!!! That is so awesome. I wish you lived closer or I lived closer. All the cupcakes are amazing. You so need your own shop! Congratulations to you and the Cheerios. Well deserved sell out. Grace xoox

Dana said...

So awesome! I wish I lived nearby, I'd buy a bunch!!!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Oh my God that's a lot of cupcakes!! So awesome!

Sunshine said...

Awesome job! Way to teach teamwork and business, sounds like the money was icing on the cake! (Wow, that may have possibly been the most corny joke I have ever told!)

Jerri-Lea said...

Ok, this event is going in the girls' advent calendar for sure! The little cakes were DELISH! Hope there are cupcakes and Santa at the same time!

Paisleys Mom said...

Just wondering which mall you will be at! THanks ! Cant wait to buy!

Saucy said...

Tomorrow (Thursday December 22) we will be at The Mall at Lawson Heights from 12:00 noon - 9:00 PM (or until we sell out!). Our table will be located at the Safeway/Smitty's doorway - outside The Body Shop!

We have made twenty flavours again, we have over 750 cupcakes ready for the event.

Thanks for asking, see you there!

Anonymous said...

I would buy the Reese's cupcake. . .

How nice that you didn't have any leftovers!

Jane in the Midwest of America (East of the Mississippi River)

Madison said...

The salted caramel cupcakes look divine! Too bad I don't live closer...

Seriously, they look awesome and the fact the girls worked together makes the reward even sweeter!