lost voice

Well, it's official. Saucy has lost her voice. She has a thin, raspy little squeak where her voice used to be. It started yesterday but right now, it's a complete loss.

She did errands around town today without the ability to say please, thank you, or get the hell out of my way. She couldn't get a coffee in the drive-through line because she couldn't yell into the speaker. The girl at the candy counter thought Saucy was deaf and started doing a little makeshift sign language over rock candy and chewing gum.

If you have any tips or hints, please share them. In the meantime, Saucy is going to attempt having the Cheerios over tomorrow night to bake 500 cupcakes for the big sale on Saturday. So if you have a cure or concoction, make it speedy.

She might be in serious trouble this weekend.


KL Crab said...

Do you feel ok otherwise? If so try taking some acid suppresors. I was put on meds when I quit smoking.lost my voice fbut felt fine. Dr said don't worry. I didn't worry for almost 6 weeks. By then the acid reflux had scorched my vocal cords. Recovery took another 6weeks....don't wait that long ok?
Get better soon!

N said...

Hot tea and honey, it helps when I lose my voice teaching the first few days of each year.

Rory said...

My dance teacher boiled up a pot of regular lemonade and handed it out to the troop who were all infected with laringitis before we went on stage for our big song and dance number. Despite tasting fairly foul (very salty for some reason) it worked a treat. We drank it still warm and went on to win the comp!

Maija said...

Happenning to me too! I have a cold though.
No talking!!

karen said...

bed rest is best - advice not followed enough by me...take care and get well

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My only advice is get a big whiteboard and markers!

MJ said...

Gargling with salt & warm water or white vinegar and warm water. I also enjoy drinking Earl Grey tea while holding a Halls lemon losenge in my mouth. Hope your voice returns soon and, in the meanwhile, don't strain it!

Niki said...

Oh Saucy, this is the worst!
I lost my voice before Thanksgiving and it was terrible.
The only cure for strained vocal cords is rest. Make little cards with yes, no, please, thank you and other phrases that you'll need, plus cary something to write notes on to not be tempted to talk.
Do NOT whisper - that is actually much worse for your voice.
Stay hyper-hydrated and gargling with hot salt water will take down swelling and easy the scratchy discomfort.
Get better soon.

sassy said...

rest rest and rest! bu they....send them gals over here Saucy! Seriously if you need any extra ovens come ooon over!

Sunshine said...

Ahh saucy I am so sorry! Loss of voice (especially when you are a talker) is the pitts!
The best advice I can give you is take it slow, veg out on the couch with loopy and your favorite TV show and some delicious tea.
Milk this for all it's worth!

Gail said...

I once had laryngitis at this time of year. It was horrible, people think you are deaf and then ask you to speak up! It lasted 3 weeks and I was going crazy. Same as you, no drive throughs, forget answering the phone or making a phone call, people would hang up. I became so frustrated I googled and found one remedy, humming. After 3 weeks I had nothing to loose, so all day long I hummed Christmas carols, at home, in the car (just not in public). It worked! That evening my voice came back. I blamed it on eggnog and so now I only drink it in moderation.