it's the most wonderful stress of the year

This time of year is so busy, and Saucy gets so much done, but she just doesn't seem to have the time to take pictures and blog about it.

You'll just have to believe her that she made some fabulous cookies this week. 

The presents are almost wrapped, but there's still some shopping to be done. Ugh.

At least the outside of the house is ready to go.

The urns are decked out with their assortment of Dollarama foliage. Even those vintage tin signs came from the dollar store.

Saucy is a little sheepish to admit, she paid twenty dollars for the birch branches. Everyone in this town is cutting down their birch trees and Saucy couldn't find anyone's garbage to salvage for her decorations. She bought the bundle at Superstore.

They're awfully darn nice, though.

Even Mother Nature has been too busy to make it snow. She's probably got a list a mile long, just like you and Saucy do.

If you could take just one task off your list, what would it be?


CuteStuffInside said...

That's easy - I wish my house would clean itself!

Niki said...

I would wish that i didn't have to go to work so that i could get everything at home done! :-)

The Miller Five said...

Moving! We're moving tomorrow and I would much rather hire movers. However, we're saving every penny right now, so that we can put in new carpet and paint!

Janet B. said...

Your house looks beautiful! And why does your Dollarama stuff look SO much better than anything I see there? Must be your creative touch and styling capabilities!
Merry Christmas and
P.S. thanks for some great gift ideas lately!

Kate said...

One task off the list? The post office. I NEEEED to get these packages wrapped and in the mail YESTERDAY! Your birch branches were well worth it. Lovely as usual!

the treat girl said...

Loooove your urns!! I was wracking my brain on what to fill my when with.....I may get inspiration from you next year! Thanks :)

Clandestine Road said...

I love how you decorate. It is just lovely and so personable.

Happy new year!