ganache, marshmallow and a question

Saucy made a batch of s'mores cupcakes from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes  cookbook (thank you again, sweet Leica!) and they turned out really beautifully. The ganache was quick and easy and did keep its shine. A quick hit with the kitchen blow torch gave the topping it's toasted effect.

The marshmallow cooked up so easily (it's a gelatin and sugar water recipe) - but there wasn't quite enough in the finished batch to pipe generously onto 24 cupcakes. Saucy piped 18 not-so-generous cakes and got to wondering, do you think this recipe can be easily doubled?

It's not the gelatin part that has Saucy wondering, it's the boiled sugar and water part. Would bringing a larger batch of sugar water to the soft ball stage on the candy thermometer mess things up just enough so it wouldn't turn out right? Would the sugar caramelize before reaching 238 degrees?

If you have any thoughts on this, please let Saucy know. She'd like to let the Cheerios give this type of frosting a whirl this weekend at their first sale. It's a cost-effective type of frosting and some of the customers might like an alternative to buttercream. Making small batches would be a royal pain in the pom pom.


Carlene said...

When I do my S'More Cupcakes I do a marshmallow fluff frosting - a combo of fluff, icing sugar, vanilla and a bit of whipping cream. Then top with graham crackers and rich milk chocolate pieces.

Kate said...

In my candy making experience I have always read to NEVER double a batch. BUT...I am all about saving time too so I would give a go pre-sale and see what happens. It would be worth the experiment for sure. Then if it bombed as a frosting you could always use it as a filling.

KimiInWI said...

While I make lollipops, I always double the batches! Never had a problem with it, but then again I am heating it to a much higher temp! I'm with Kate on the Givin-It-A-Go!!! Good luck and let us know! ♥

Free Stuff said...

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

No suggestions, just so wanting a roasted marshmallow right now.