everybody wins

Today was a good day for Saucy and the Cheerios to repay a favour. One of Saucy's cheer coach friends has spent a fair bit of time helping her out with the new rules and helping Saucy make sure the Cheerios get placed at the proper competition level this year.

To repay this kindness, the Cheerios visited their practice with a signed poster to wish them good luck with their season and cupcakes in their school colours of red, black and white.

This, Dear Reader, is why Saucy lurrves the sport of cheerleading. In what other sport would the coach of a competing team help another? In what other sport would teams come together and cheer for each other... not against each other? Today both teams saw their coaches visiting with each other and enjoying each other's company. Tomorrow, if they are competing against each other at the same event, they won't cast each other the evil eye.

Today, everybody wins!


MJ said...

What a great lesson in good sportsmanship! It's one thing to compete to the best of your ability, it's quite another to be competitive in the nasty sense. I'm sure they enjoyed the cupcakes!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's the kind of thing I love reading about!

sugar Creek said...

that is great! My daughter is also a cheerleader!!