bucket list

When tidying the office this morning, Saucy happened upon an interesting document. It was entitled Bucket List and it was compiled by Loopy and two of the Cheerios: JWOWW and Beegie.

Saucy giggled as she scrolled through the sixteen items on the list so far. She thought she might share them with you in order to offer some insight to the working mind of a sixteen year old girl.

To clarify, that is somewhat of an oxymoron, "the working mind of a sixteen year old girl" as you will plainly see from this list. 

Saucy is convinced this would be one stressed out, ticked-off mime by the time the entire ordeal was over and he would immediately seek employment as a coffee barista.

Please, not for Victoria's Secret. Please.

Okay, as long as it does not involve road tripping, hitch hikers, sky diving, hump back whales, or mimes.

They would like to record an album.

Perhaps it is the first scheduled stop on their world tour whilst promoting their album, as the opening act for Dane Cook.

And lastly, 

Hey, at least it's not a milk carton. That's something. Everyone has a dream.

Dear Reader, what was on your bucket list when you were sixteen years old? Did you do it? It's never to late.


The Miller Five said...

Hilarious! You inspired me to ask my daughters what would be on their bucket list. They are 14 and 12, so this should be interesting.

Jenny said...

I can't speak to the other things, but Dollywood is AWESOME. And I am not even joking.

JWOWW said...

You would.

Anonymous said...

The pictures on Jones soda is a definite possibility. Just had ordered 12 with my sons picture on them for his birthday party...Go to the website, send a picture and ...VOILA!!!

Walking Primrose said...

One thing on my bucket list is to write a novel.

Kelly said...

That is so funny! I live 45 minutes from Dollywood and it is fabulous! You should keep it on the list. It is a great park. :)

Sunshine said...

My bucket list at the age of sixteen was something along the lines of:

-go skydiving

-get a tattoo (or three)

-get my nosed pierced

-dye my hair dark

(I was really not a crazy, piercing/tattoo obsessed rocker child even though this is makes it sound like I was!)

-try every single flavors at baskin robins (this includes their archives, there are actually around 121 in their archives.)

-take a year off before college and live in a hippie van and surf everyday

-learn to surf

-learn to sew, make my own clothes

-be best friends with my best friend forever

Haha I haven't thought about mine in a while! hope this provided insight to a teenage girls mind ;)

Saucy said...

Okay, I will seriously consider Dollywood.

Sunshine... what on that list did you get done? Do tell, my dear. We want the gory details of your tattooed self!

Limefreckle said...

I must really have the mind of a 16 year old girl, because aside from the skydiving, I love it all! I think I might even have the Dane Cook concert at the top of the list too! Thanks for sharing!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You have to know the bucket list of a teenaged girl would be something spectacular. I've never read one before, but by golly, it should be on EVERYONE'S bucket list!

Sunshine said...

Oh saucy, I am afraid I am very lame!

-go skydiving
(planning to do that next August)

-get a tattoo (or three)
(No tattoos, I decided that I would probably not be hired by a hospital when I became a nurse if I got any tattoos.)

-get my nosed pierced
(Decided I didn't want one after all)

-dye my hair dark
(In January I will dye my hair for the first time! :D )

-try every single flavors at baskin robins
(this is a work in progress, I have done 30 but the archives won't just let me waltz in and try what I please! I was very miffed.)

-take a year off before college and live in a hippie van and surf everyday
(went to college, still looking for the hippie van though!)

-learn to surf
(Surfed, and would highly recommend it!!)

-learn to sew, make my own clothes
(work in progress! Discovered I cannot knit to save my life!)

-be best friends with my best friend forever
(still are BFF's!)

Anonymous said...

I love the bucket list! =) Sounds like it'd be loads of fun! Particularly liked the one of getting a mime to talk! :P

I'm currently working on my own online bucket list on www.wanderable.com - it's a great place for sharing tips and ideas.

Melanna said...

When I was 16 I DID get my picture on a Jones bottle. And not the MyJones bottles, but the real ones in circulation. Actually, it wasn't a picture of me, it was of my best friend (she has 2 different bottles with her face on them!), but it's my picture, that I took, so my name is beside. I still feel pretty special about that, 12 years later. And they sent me some of the labels. How cool is that?

Mom Taxi Julie said...

If they pick up a hitchhiker they might not need a bucket list anymore..

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