what girls like

Saucy knows what girls like! Girls like freshly painted, sparkly hotel-style bathrooms!

Girls like jars filled with soft fluffy cotton pads for taking off eye makeup.

Girls like gentle, fresh smelling skincare products at the ready.

 Girls like hand soaps and hand lotions that smell like baking.

Girls like retro styled goodies from Soap & Glory.

Girls like sparkly little chandeliers hanging over wide, curved shower curtains.

Girls like having handy supplies like cotton swabs and makeup sponges.

Girls like it when the tissue is folded over, not under! Girls especially like a dart fold finish.

Girls like waste baskets that have style but are easy to keep clean!

 Girls like little tables next to the bathtub to hold candles, scents and washcloths.

Girls like embroidered bumblebees on bath sheets and hand towels.

Girls like old fashioned medicine chest for holding excess tubes, jars and bottles.

Yes, Girls like Love's Baby Soft.
Girls like Bliss body scrubs and lotions.
Girls like Khiel's shampoos and conditioners.

Girls like extra storage under the vanity for linens. Saucy would like some time tomorrow to touch up the funny little chips in the dark finish.

Girls like elegant wall sconces with crystals and a foxy metal shade. Saucy would like it if it worked. Yes, she put a bulb in it. Yes, she got another bulb and tried it. Now she's just going to have to like waiting for Handyman to fix it.

And that's what girls like Saucy and Loopy like.


Madison said...

Love the sconces and chandlier! Totally girly!

Denise Gifford said...

girls would LOVE this bathroom !!!! WOW

Jill said...

I love this bathroom!! It's gorgeous-- love the chandy! I giggled when I saw the Love's Baby Soft... I have some in the medicine cabinet in my guest bath. I bought it when I was getting ready for my sister to visit. She use to always sneak into my stash when we were teenagers, so I thought she would get a kick out of it! She also loved to get into my Love's Rain. (Is that the name?) Did you have that up there?

MJ said...

Lucky lucky Loopy!

Saucy said...

Love's Fresh Rain? OMG Saucy lurrved that biznitch even more than Baby Soft. There was also a Fresh Rain shampoo and conditioner, it came in the Christmas loot box one year. Close your eyes... can you smell it now?

oliver rain said...

That is one "lurve-ly" bathroom. I'm very, very jealous.

Fleur de Bee said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!

Mrs. G. said...

Saucy, I love how you relish girl-ness. I wish I was more in touch with my girl-ness. It's hard when I have to share my bathrooms with two guys.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I am so keeping my eyes peeled for a pretty chandalier. Great bathroom.

Dana said...


Sandra D said...

Pretty, gorgeous, pampering - perfect for girls of all ages.

Niki said...

The fixture in the shower is DIVINE

Stef said...

love the colors. and that chandelier! can you share where you found that?

Tracey @ BellaSky said...

that made me happy just looking at it!

Micki said...

Yep! You definitely know what girls like. Beauteous!

the treat girl said...

Soooo lllloooove it!!! Enjoy every pampering moment in there!