The Spice Girls (Cheerios) hit the road early this morning... in fact, they slept over last night just to make sure they'd all arrive at school together today. It's too bad there was no paparazzi to greet them. They really committed to their parts - check out the platform shoes and Loopy's red hair.

It's also too bad that Snookie was home with the flu, she was slated to be Scary Spice and trust Saucy on this one... if there were every any roles that were typecast, this group is it.

Pictured: JWOWW as Sporty Spice, Beegie as Baby Spice, Loopy as Ginger Spice, and Mayhem as Posh. 

Saucy hopes your Halloween is more treats than tricks, that you are able to turn off your lights early and consume your favourite of the bite-sized candy bars out of your children's bags after they've fallen asleep in a sugar-induced coma.


Joni said...

Love Loopys dress.

Tamara Jansen said...

How fun! What a great looking bunch of friends!

Jill said...

Those Cheerios are so adorable! Love those platform boots-- so great with that cute dress!

karen said...

ohh my this brought back memories Val turned 29 this year but when she was 16 or 17 she and her friends were the Spice Girls for Halloween and they performed on the lawn on Halloween night - and at lunch in the school cafeteria. They had so much fun!!! Where are those photos!!!! Your girls look great!!!

Angela said...

Happy Halloween! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

THAT is a fun girl group costume!


Wow are they ever something. I love, love Loopy's dress!

Madison said...

Loopy looks great!!

Gracinha said...

you look so funny :)

i'm going a giveaway on my blog. Go check it if you like dresses :P