saucy's holiday wish list

It's almost Christmas and Saucy hasn't even thought about what she wants. Usually she has a list a mile long, she's greedy like that. She gawked around in Chicago but nothing really jumped up or turned her crank.

Veto bought her a shiny new Jeep a couple of weeks ago. Clearly, she's spoiled. Christmas already came this year, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Sure, she needs new pyjamas and slippers... but don't we all? What does Saucy want?

Saucy wants fresh-smelling Soap and Glory bath products from Shoppers Drug Mart. There's something about the fragrance that reminds her about being a kid, it's like a scent that was in The Fan's makeup vanity or something. She just lurrves it.

She kinda wants a Mrs. Obama doll. No word of a lie. It's awesome. 

The  silver Tiffany bracelet she's worn every day for ten years has pretty much plum worn right out. The clasp isn't working anymore and the tag is worn so thin, it's going to fall off any day now. She might like to switch it up to another style, maybe the heart tag. It looks like it won't wear away as fast.

And speaking of jewelry, her pearl earrings are also worn down and mismatched now. She needs a new pair, badly. She wore the same pair every single day since she was sixteen and a couple of years ago she lost one so she got a crappy little replacement pair at Winners and so began a series of lost earrings with bad backs and lately she's been wearing crappier earrings from Claire's. You know, the one dollar kind. From bad to worse.
A measuring cup that is also a scale. This is probably way more practical than jewelry.

This is what saucy needs... a scraper beater blade attachement for the stand mixer. Oh, how she covets this!

Oh... and an extra K45 bowl for the stand mixer. Cupcake baking bees would be so much easier if only Saucy had one more of these bowls. The one with the handle, please.

Baker's twine in stylish colours... available here.

She and Loopy both want retro Pan Am flight bags! Hey, where did that show go? They liked it. She wants the show to come back on the air... can someone do that?

And the last thing Saucy wants is... um... enough said. Available here.

There are even more things to wish for on Saucy's Pinterest board here.

It's an odd list, Saucy knows it. She wonders... what's on your wish list this year? If you spill it here, it might come true.


Heather@PixieDust said...

you should check out the

Lisa Russell said...

I have the extra bowl and the beater scraper. Works great!! No trouble at all when I had to mix up the cake mix and the two batches of frosting for my son's cake. Love the coin purse! ;)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a very good list to me. I've had one of those mixer blades on my list for years. I might have to break down and get one for myself finally!

Jen H

Anonymous said...

Someday, maybe, perhaps I might receive one of those kitchen aid mixers with all those fun attachments......wishing wishing wishing......

Barb E.

Michelle said...

I have wanted the Tiffany Sparklers
Citrine pendant for two years-my not so subtle hints to hubby have failed.Time to buy one for myself!

karen said...

wow that measuring cup scale is pretty neat

Sunshine said...

Your list is tré fabulous! I especially love the first lady doll! You must pose for a photo op with her if Santa grants your wish!
Here is my Christmas list, sure hope I have been good this year lol ;)

Kate said...

I love this's like the Oprah's Favourite things show. You deserved the new jeep due to what happened to the other one and I think something in a gorgeous blue box would compliment that nicely. My wish list? For the Hubs to agree to removing the HIDEOUS "Lick and stick" floor tile from the downstairs bathroom. Who on EARTH thinks that is an improvement??? The people who used to live here. That's who. Merry Christmas Saucy! May all your best wishes come true. xo